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In Our Opinion Video Production

As you know, it is becoming more and more difficult to produce an effective product or make a difference in digital life. For this, it is necessary to really think, to focus, and perhaps to collaborate with people or institutions that do not think like you. 

Now all social media platforms need creative videos to ensure interaction, followers, and brand awareness. Just calling them videos can sometimes create a very abstract perception. It is necessary to group them within themselves. Videos of patients' treatment processes, reel videos, surgery operation videos, before-after videos, informative and with patient opinions videos, promotional videos, and interviews. We need to make this grouping because every time we shoot a video, we work hard with our social media and advertising team to produce this content. While communicating the planning we make especially before the shootings to our clients, we also expect the appropriate clinical or surgical environment to be provided. 

We demand this because we have been experiencing for years as Turkey's first and only 360-degree digital health agency that well-crafted advertising video reduces form costs or that trending real content can reach thousands of people without spending any money.


Why Should a Foreign Patient Choose Your Clinic? 

How can you be better than other clinics and doctors?

Your sales-marketing team tries to convince potential patient candidates by answering these questions. However, a video that you can send in dialogue with the patient can fully explain you and answer all these questions.

While being picked up from the airport, making a tour of Istanbul, being treated in the clinic, and giving an interview, videos that briefly explain the whole process a patient goes through are of great importance in terms of marketing activity. Such content will promote your clinic and accelerate the process of convincing patients. 

One of the most important issues will be to produce content for your target audience. For example, you have a European country in your target audience and you want to bring patients from that country to your country. Creating content that shows how the whole treatment process has gone with a patient from that country before will be an excellent reference for you.

It is important that you plan the process professionally as promotional videos have an impact on the visibility and request ability of your clinic. Video duration, success in conveying vision, oratory, image and sound quality, creativity, and many other factors should form the basis of these videos. 

Therefore, both the pre-and post-shooting-and stages and the social media sharing requirements must be well understood. Otherwise, the promotional film can be a bad investment.

Leading the sector for many years, putting effort into and contributing to sectoral development 

As New Health Media, we are powered by the power of youth and the competence provided by experience and offer you creative services. 

We are here for you to catch up with today's needs and tomorrow's possible requirements!


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