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Surgery / Operation


The surgical process represents one of the subjects that patients are most curious about. The aim of the surgery video shoots is to provide information about the medical operations that the patient wants to know and to promote the doctor, hospital, and clinic.

Which Medical Operations are Videotaped?

Video shooting can be made for almost any surgical procedure, provided that sterile conditions are maximized. The video shooting team should have surgical gloves, surgical caps, and surgical gowns and these must be complete. The videographer team takes videos and images from the patient's pre-operative, operative and post-operative processes. Of course, all this takes place with the consent of the patient and the doctor. The images obtained are shared on the social media accounts of the clinics properly.

Surgery Operatıon VideosWhat are the Benefits of Shooting Surgery Videos?

  • Thanks to the surgery shots, the name of the relevant clinic and doctor reach more people. Thus They gain a competitive advantage,
  • Those who wonder how the process is done will obtain information,
  • Thanks to the patient's before and after the operation visuals, the patient can observe how the process will work,
  • The environment of the clinic, the sensitivity and competence of the doctors direct the patient who wants to have surgery to the relevant surgeon and clinic.
  • Social media visibility, number of followers, and interaction rate of the clinic increase.

The Importance of Recording the Operation Process on Video

Making collage video edits that is describing the operation process gives confidence. When it comes to health, the amount of people being cautious is increasing too. How the surgical procedures are performed and how the doctor and health workers manage the process are observed with patient operation videos. One of the main points of filming the operation process is to reach more people with visual content. Therefore, the answer to the question of whether it would be sufficient to share the operation process as a video on Youtube can be explained as "it may not be enough". In order to appeal to all audiences of different masses, a share plan should be done through social media channels.

Turkey's first and sector-leading health agency, New Health Media, stands with all clinics and doctors with its experience in surgical video shoots. You can contact us to get information about our professional pre-operation and post-operation video shooting services.


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