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Social Media Management


The answer to the question of “what is social media management” defines the digital interactions and media strategies made to grow your own business and reach your company to wider audiences. It brings many advantages from brand awareness to target audience increase.

What is Social Media Management?

Social media covers almost every sector from health to IT and e-commerce and it is essentially a sector in itself. It includes the process of creating special content for different target audiences; professionalism makes a big difference. For example, some of the elements to be considered within the social media management in the health sector are:

  • Produce content suitable for the patient profiles of clinics, doctors, and hospitals,
  • Use of social media accounts specific to health tourism,
  • Finding the right tone for Before – After patient photographs and sharing them,
  • The strategy of using stock images and real patient images,
  • To dominate the trends, to take the pulse of social media users well.

Social Media Consultancy

Social media consultancy is the making of strategies that provide regular, goal-oriented advertising to individuals, institutions, startups, and organizations on social media. An important point is the integration of social media accounts. One of the important factors that answer the question of "what is a qualified social media consultancy" is to share content on all channels that dominate social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and to produce original social media content suitable for each medium. In addition, user interactions differ on Instagram and Youtube, so these processes need to be managed correctly.


When social media marketing is done correctly, the results will manifest themselves. The distinctive benefits to be obtained when quality social media management is supported by analyzing today's needs are as follows:

  • Brand awareness increases,
  • Organic sales increase,
  • Brand transformation and development process gains momentum,
  • Get ahead in the competitive field,
  • Customer relations and communication with the target audience are improved,
  • New strategies are gained through social media analysis and reporting.

By working with institutions that do social media management, you can maximize the benefits. If you want your social media management and consultancy processes to be carried out in the best way, you can choose Turkey's first health agency New Health Media, which has been offering services for many years within the scope of health tourism.


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