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Campaign Management


When it comes to effective digital campaign management, there is a need for a comprehensive plan that targets people who have visited a website before and visited it for the first time. There is also a need for a multi-legged plan with an awareness of what kind of content each social media channel comes to the fore and when considered in this direction, with a broad perspective.

Creating mottos that can mobilize targeted users, and getting information about competitors in the field also directly affect campaign management in a good way.

Digital Campaign ManagementRemarketing

Remarketing specifically targets the customers who come to the website and leave without making a purchase, and it encourages them to come back to the same website and buy your services after they visited different digital platforms. It also includes selling complementary goods or complementary services related to that product to users who have previously purchased one of the services and are satisfied.

CRM and Its Stages

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), in short, is an application that aims to present the promotions and campaigns of the company effectively to the right user group with the right tools and is based on the real priorities of the users. CRM consists of planning, management and analysis phases.

Areas such as sales and service, and user feedback, which have been contacted by the user so far, are valued.

Conversion-Focused Campaigns

In addition to being involved in remarketing, company recognition can also be built using visual network campaigns. In particular, doing negative keyword work beforehand and targeting content with these keywords will make the campaign conversion-oriented.

Factors That May Increase Costs

The high budgets that arise with the existence of all different components such as the marketing team, digital agency, and creative agency that need to work according to the plan are among the problems that can be encountered in planned campaign management. At this point, it is necessary to determine the priorities well and to get efficiency from each component that contributes to the product.

If you want to get to know systems such as CRM, as well as established methods such as remarketing, and if you want to have a strong campaign for your brand, as the New Health Media team, we are here to share our experience with you.


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