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What is Corporate Brand Identity

Corporate identity; is a phenomenon related to the actions and attitudes of a company or institution, how it looks from the inside or outside, and the fact that it gains credibility depending on professionalism, in short, the image.

The impact of the company and the brand on the sector to which it belongs and the customers it addresses; with the difference, it will create, is determined by coming forward or falling behind in competition conditions and being remembered by users.

Corporate identity creation process; determining the priorities of brands starts with stages such as ranking the work they will do. Taking the opinions of the employees and evaluating different opinions is very valuable at this point.

Determining the profiles of the customers to be addressed; how to communicate with them and how to determine the marketing strategy when reaching them or how customers can be reached.

If you want to create a new brand that has integrated itself into the digital age, we are with you as the ‘New Health Media’ team, which knows the importance of the brand and the supporting elements in its establishment very well.


Logo in Brand Building Process

In the process of creating a brand, the logo reflects a kind of identity of the product or institution to which it belongs and is the signature of that institution.

A logo; is considered one of the first and most important cornerstones of corporate identity construction. Therefore, this issue should be approached meticulously, especially to protect image and awareness.

There are many ways and tools for the brand to reach the target audience. The fastest way among them is the logo.

Although the duration of the influence is not longer than other written content used for communication, the duration of being active in memories is much higher.

The stages to be considered when designing a logo are:

  • Logo; when it is considered as the first window of the brand to the outside, that is, the first element that leaves an impression in the eyes of potential customers, it will be better understood why it is needed.
  • At this point; It is extremely necessary to capture an inspiration during the production phase, to collect and evaluate different opinions for this.
  • Finding the right font, the right colors, the right logo type, and the design style; after the design is finished, the logo must be adapted to all segments in the digital environment.


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