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Before / After

It would not be wrong to say that before and after contents of the patients are now irreplaceable in the health sector in general and in health tourism in particular. Analyzes of questions in search engines also prove this situation. Real patient videos and photos are one of the most remarkable items on the social media accounts of the clinics.

What are Before-After-Patient Videos?

Before-after visual contents, which especially act as evidence in cosmetic procedures, are designs that show the differences between the patient's pre-operative and post-operative condition. For example, when we talk about before-after hair transplantation, we obtain the patient's before and after hair transplant photographs. That means the contents can be produced in video and photo formats.

Before and After TreatmentHow to Create Before-After Operation Visuals?

First of all, the current state of the patient before the operation is recorded from different angles. During the bandage removal phase, the shots are taken from the same angles. Media contents are mostly taken during the pre-/post-operative examination periods. If the patient approves or requests, an interview can also be made. During patient interviews, pre-operative expectations, thoughts, and experiences about the clinic are shared. Post-operative patient interview videos, on the other hand, focus on how the health tourist feels after the surgery, what happened during the surgery, and what the aftercare opportunities are.

Editing Post-Surgery Visuals for Sharing

The captured videos are then edited by the post-production team. Recommended visual adjustments are made. According to which social media platform they will be shared, editing techniques may change. For example, different editing methods can be needed for Youtube and for Instagram. The content of Reels or Story on Instagram may differ. If necessary, captions are taken from high-definition videos. In addition to video recording, photos can be taken.

It's Easy to Attain Quality with New Health Media!

In addition to mastering the technical necessities for shooting and editing, it is extremely important to design creatives before and after and share them on social media platforms as scheduled. By choosing the New Health Media, you can have opportunities such as having high-quality videos and impressive real patient videos and sharing them on social media.


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