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Informative doctor and clinic videos are one of the most important factors in patient engagement rate. Although the process varies between patients, doctors, and hospitals, the main purpose of informative videos is to reach the relevant audience correctly.

Types of Informative Videos in the Health Sector

On the basis of health sector advertising, videos of the medical operations are recorded and photos are shot. These include the following stages:

  • Pre-operation,
  • Operation,
  • Post-operation

The created content is shared on various social media channels. Informative videos, alternatively or in addition, are interview-like content where doctors answer the most frequently asked questions. The doctors are asked 1 or 2 specific questions and they briefly answer these questions. This process is videotaped, edited and shared on social media accounts.

INFORMATIVE VIDEOSWhat are the Advantages of Informative Videos?

Videos that are produced to explain a certain subject reach more directly to users who search for the relevant subject on the Internet. Professional shots and effective explanations make patients trust the doctor and clinic. Thanks to social media interactions, patients can ask questions about the related subject, the content of the website is enriched, and a kind of impression is created that cares about people so individuals trust the doctor. All this allows you to reach your potential patients and gain an advantage in the competitive field.

Informative Video Sharing Channels

Questions for the doctor and answers from the doctor" contents or short informative narratives are shared on social media platforms. For example, informative video series can be made on Instagram or Youtube. You can also promote the post with reels and stories. Related videos can also be added to the Website. In-general videos, patient process videos, before-after patient photographs, blog texts and informative videos together increase both visibility and organic traffic.

When it comes to health tourism and health sector advertising, you can contact New Health Media, which is one of the first agencies that come to mind, and you can reach the data you target in a short time.


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