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That We Do Within the Scope of Digital Marketing

Before explaining what New Health does in digital marketing, it would be appropriate to briefly mention the definition of the subject.

Digital marketing; SEO is the general name of a very large system that covers many different channels such as search engine advertising, social media advertising, programmatic advertising, and more.

If the subject is health tourism; you need to use every opportunity that digital marketing will provide you in the right way. Our job here is to collect data and turn potential patients into real patients. With correctly made advertising planning, you can quickly reach the patient candidates in the branches you want and in the countries you target.

Digital Marketing; is Campaign Plan

When we create a campaign plan, we put together your expectations and a list of what we need to have. The most important detail here is to analyze your team’s competencies well and make sure that your team is ready for this planning when starting the data flow. At this stage, where we decide which channels we will exist in, we need to be in constant communication with you. When we set our short and long-term goals, we take the first step to being successful in our campaign planning.

Conversion Optimization and Campaign Management

We made our planning and produced our advertising content. Now it’s time to carry out all the planning and ensure optimization. At this point, it is important to know what the transformation is. We can briefly define this as “the reactions you get to your ads in line with your goals”. When we put ads on the air, we have a period that we give both to ourselves and the system. In the meantime, we need to integrate all accounts, improve campaign setups, and make our ads with a minimal budget.

We strive to get maximum efficiency. By doing campaign management most accurately, we strive to increase efficiency and satisfy our customers.

Our last topic is reporting. Reporting subject; It is a great resource that will show us a way to evaluate advertising correctly, measure advertising results, and make new plans. When creating reports, it would not be right to proceed with a strategy such as “how much money was spent” or “how much return was received”. When we create ad reporting, we consider the whole separately. To put it more clearly; in the specific context of each medium and every advertising content.

We prepare a detailed report. We observe where we get more conversions, how we balance the budget and cost, and from which creatives we get the most efficient returns. This determines our next step and helps us to continue planning most accurately.



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