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Instagram Reels has become a well-known term for those who follow social media regularly. The fact that it is one of the platforms that dominate the trends has led institutions and organizations, including the health sector, to make professional investments in this field. But what are Instagram Reels?

What are Instagram Reels?

As a short answer to the question of "what are the reels", it can be called a platform that helps internet users to share various video content. This application, which allows adding videos of about 15 seconds on Instagram, is extremely effective in reaching large audiences. Although Instagram Reels was originally created as a competitor to Tiktok, its influence has become more intense due to its user database. The interest in the reels has led to the spread of this social media video content type. Questions such as what is the difference between Tiktok and reels or how to use Facebook reels are also very common.

Reels-Instagram-TrendHow to use Instagram Reels?

Anyone can create reels and upload them to their social media accounts from their mobile phone. However, when it comes to professionalism, variables such as video quality, shooting angle, lighting, sound, and frame size come into play. Whether the video is shot vertically or horizontally is an important determinant in terms of visual composition.

Original audio content can be used in videos or trending music can be embedded in the video. Adding popular music also means reaching people watching visual videos with audio content. Special-for-Reels visuals can be shot, Reels videos consisting of photographs/images can be collaged or sections from patient process videos, patient interviews, and clinical promotional videos can be uploaded as Reels.

What are the Advantages of the Reels?

Instagram Reels are easy-to-consume content videos and provide to engage with people. Embedding sound and visual effects to videos make the content more enjoyable for the audience. Moreover, Reels can be shared as a story and post.

Since the created reels show up in the “discover” area, it has a high potential to increase recognition and accessibility. For example, users who search content about hospitals, clinics, or doctors, will also see related content reels from different user accounts.

As New Health Media, which provides health tourism advertising services, we create your Reels in the best way with our expert social media and videographer staff. We plan technical processes such as video recording and photo shooting, and we produce the desired content with the help of these. We make it "catchy" with a creative point of view and regularly share them on social media accounts.


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