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CRM in the Healthcare Industry

CRM means customer relationship management in Turkish. When we say customer relationship management, what we mean is software, a platform. With this, we are talking about a process where you can manage the communication you establish with your customers and all kinds of interactions and make retrospective reporting. 
The advantages of CRM in the health sector do not end with counting. CRM is a must in the healthcare industry. Because the services we offer in the health sector are in other words, an operation. It is not something that can be decided and bought today. So people who research this thing for weeks, months. Therefore, you need to maintain your communication with patient candidates for a long time and follow your communication. You need to be able to remember it retroactively. It's very difficult for us to do this with human memory. Especially if we think of a sales consultant, that is, a sales consultant who deals with hundreds of people and interacts during the day, it is impossible to remember all of these conversations. Therefore, the individual needs to record all the interviews he makes on a CRM platform, the answers he gives to the questions, or the answers he receives from the other party to a CRM application so that he can follow up later. If he can convince the other person after this follow-up, he can make a sale. Within the scope of CRM consultancy, we carry out a human resources management process. We track the interactions of your entire sales team with patient candidates. We follow the speed at which they return to messages and the communication they initiate to a proposal, the sale, and the finalization process, and report them to you. Also, a CRM platform is first and foremost a customizable platform. Therefore, we customize this platform to simulate your sales processes in a virtual environment and carry out integration and automation activities for this platform.

What do we Mean by That?

All social media platforms where your advertising funds are located, forms on your website, and landing pages are connected to the CRM application. In other words, a patient candidate who reaches your website based on any Google ADS and reads the blogs and fills out a form there, or the patient candidates who see your ad on a social media page and fill out the form that comes across it, fall on the transaction screen of your sales consultants and your sales consultants ensure that all their interactions with these patient candidates are automatically synchronized in CRM.
In addition, we carry out automation processes. In other words, we ensure that some activities take place automatically independently of human labor. For example, birthday messages, an automatic e-mail to a patient candidate who has been offered a proposal, or an invoice with an automatic e-mail after the sale is made. In other words, we are editing and coding. We also provide training to your sales team on how to use this CRM platform. Before providing CRM service, we design advertising campaigns as efficiently as possible with the advertising budget you allocate and bring as low-cost form as possible. After all, a digital advertising agency does not have much work after this. But when clinics don't reach the sales level they desire, everyone is unhappy and unsuccessful.
Therefore, to contribute to the performance of the sales team of the clinics after this point, we have included CRM among our services to determine how much the forms we bring to you can convert into sales or where the error originates in cases where it cannot be converted.
In this way, we also contribute to the management of your team and try to provide consultancy services healthily by trying to report your team's communication management and sales performance in the sales process.

What do we lose if we don't use CRM?

If you're not using CRM, all the information that comes into your clinic, especially the information involved in the customer relationship management process, stays in people's minds. This information is not institutionalized. In other words, when your employees leave their jobs, the processes related to all the patient candidates they communicate with and all the information contained in these processes are lost. Eventually, you will need to start the same process again. This leads to a serious loss for you. 
Our main goal with CRM is the institutionalization of information. So we free knowledge from being dependent on people. We ensure that it is stored in a corporate database. When we do, your sales consultant may go on vacation, get sick, or quit work. Another sales consultant can continue the communication process from where he left off and with the information, he has recorded without any problems. Therefore, while the patient candidate in front of you is in contact with you, the sales consultant can continue the conversation with sincerity as if he is always talking to the same person, even if he is constantly changing. However, when you don't use CRM, both your advertising forms, your marketing activities, your customers' interactions, and the activity on your website or emails become untraceable. This is very valuable information for you. CRM is a platform that lets you understand that one or several prospective patients open an email you send, download the file attached to the email, and then come to your website and read some articles there. When you know these, your sales performance will inevitably increase. Because you may have limited time to calculate which potential patient is more likely to receive the medical services you offer.

Why did you Start Giving CRM Consultancy as a Digital Agency?

As a digital media agency, we provide services such as advertising services, advertising management, marketing management, and campaign management. As a result, these bring patient candidates to the door of your clinics, but the sales process belongs to your team. When your team can't sell, the reasons for that are always a question mark. We felt the need to step in at this point.
We felt the need to analyze and report why your clinic could not make a sale. That's why we included CRM consultancy among our services in this way, we follow all the communication processes of your team with patient candidates and try to report to you the points where they are wrong, so that you can sell. Be happy so that we can be happy.


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