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Since the word website is on almost everyone's lips, it is one of the terms whose meaning is not questioned. However, it is extremely important to embrace the meaning of professional website design. What is a website, what are its types and why is it important? You can find the answers to these questions in this content.

What is a Website, What Does It Do?

A website is a networking tool, built based on software and all the items are connected by a common domain. Its main goal is to reach large audiences through sharing and promoting. Along with digitalization, the scope has also expanded with questions such as what is a corporate website, what a dynamic website means, and what is a static website.

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What are the Types of Websites?

When you search what are the types of websites, you come across a wide list. As industries expand and new trends emerge, the scope of the genre also expands. Prominent among the types of websites:

  • Blog sites,
  • News sites,
  • Game sites,
  • Promotion sites,
  • Forum sites,
  • E-commerce sites.


What are Web and WWW?

WWW stands for "World Wide Web" of English origin. It has been translated into Turkish as "The Network Surrounding the World". The World Wide Web refers to the combination of all resources and users on the internet, and it enables sharing of both data and information from the internet.

What are the Benefits of the Website?

Websites are the digital field where digital advertisements and promotions are served. It eliminates the situation of being limited to a certain place and offers the opportunity to reach large masses. It gives the privilege of interacting and communicating with the world directly to the users. It offers endless sharing possibilities and transportation opportunities on products, services, campaigns, ideas, and many more.

One of the pioneers of the sector, New Health Media health agency provides an easier website creation process. We help you put your digital identity over the top with our digital marketing experience and knowledge in the digital field.

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Website builder software is a system that is used to process all the content that should be on the website with all its details. The fact that it covers all units from website design to functionality reveals the importance of the software.

What is Website Software?

Website software is the mechanism that makes the site usable. Basically, it consists of two parts, the zone that users can see when they enter the website and the other zone that users do not see. It is possible with the software to design authoritarian pages and create a structure that offers trouble-free use. The answers to the questions of "what is a dynamic and static website" also correspond to this area. While a static website is usually written with HTML code, a dynamic website is also supported by advanced programming and a large database.

Websıte Software- Seo-Planning
What are Web Software Programs?

Since site speed, use of new generation Web technologies, the right choice and use of software programs are important, attention to such details makes a difference. Web software programs, on the other hand, represent one of the systems that provide the greatest impact on software. The most commonly used software programs:

  • HTML,
  • PHP,
  • Java Scripts,
  • Flash

What are the Important Criteria in the Software of the Website?

It is important to work with a web software expert so that visitors can navigate the websites comfortably, spend time without getting bored and find what they are looking for without having a hard time.

Highlights of the important elements:

  • · Having responsive web design coding for issueless access from different devices,
  • · Building SEO-oriented on-page coding (On-Page SEO) for the website to have a good SERP ranking and organic traffic,
  • · Using Structured Data (Structural Data, you can also search "Using Rich Snippet") codes for search engines to detect the content type.
  • · Coding in accordance with W3C validation in order to obtain a good and trouble-free website.

Feeding on an infrastructure that contains full knowledge of the Importance of Correct Configuration in Multilingual Sites,

It will make an important contribution to websites in terms of design and functionality.

Although the process may seem complicated, the best results are achieved very effectively thanks to the experts. If you want to get professional website software service, you can choose New Health Media, Turkey's first 360° Digital Health Agency.

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Web design is a presentation of web pages consisting of written and visual content to the visitors in a certain structure. It is also called a Web design project because it expresses a versatile and comprehensive process. You can find answers to questions such as "what is a Web site design" or "what is a corporate WEB site" in the rest of the content.

What is Web Design and What Does It Do?

In order to answer the question of what is web design, it is necessary to briefly answer the question of what is a WEB site. The website is a networking platform that brings together digital content of different types and formats. For answering the question of what is WEB design, it can be said that it is a detailed structure that makes it possible for the website to be accessed by search engines. It is a collection of data that increases the visibility of individuals, institutions, and organizations in digital media.

How to Design a Website?

Websites contain texts, images, and audio content. Automotive, e-commerce, health sector, etc. all institutions and organizations or startups benefit from these contents while promoting their products and services on the internet. In web design, HTML or CSS coding is administered, and the website is completed when the integration is done and the testing process is completed. People who specialize in this field are called Web design specialists.

Health Tourısm Website DesignWhat Should Be Considered In Website Design?

  • · SEO compliance,
  • · Analyses of the target audience
  • · Graphic design WEB site compatibility,
  • · Compatibility with mobile devices,
  • · Authenticity,
  • · User-friendly interface,
  • · Being an expert in web design elements.

What are Web Design Elements?

Website design elements are highly effective in quality and sustainability. In this respect, the general structure, color, font, and how the contents are constructed determine the quality of the design. It is important to give the necessary attention to web design in order to increase brand visibility in the digital field, to reach a large end-user mass, to stick in current customers' minds, to leave a good impression, and even increase sales volume.

For professional website designs, you can choose the New Health Media advertising agency, one of the leading companies in the industry.

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Questions such as "what is a Landing Page" and "what does it do" are frequently encountered. There are many tools and methods available for creating a good website. A landing page is extremely important for e-commerce sites to increase the conversion rate. In this respect, attention should be paid in terms of design and content production.

What Does Landing Page Do?

The question of why a Landing page is used is one of the first questions that come to mind of those who research the subject. A landing page basically defines the pages that contain a product or service. And it is accessible to internet users. It has a different mission considering many other websites: Increasing the Conversion Rate! Digital marketing companies use campaigns and landing page theme formats to achieve this goal.

What is Landing Page Design?

The landing page is the first section that users access. When the end-user clicks on a digital advertising campaign, they are directed to this landing page. In summary, the answer to the question “What does a landing page mean" and the explanation of the design logic can be summarized as follows: Landing pages are promotional pages where users are directed to the relevant website. It is important for both your customers and SEO compatibility that you create landing pages by paying attention to the design details, the start and end processes of the campaigns, and the formats of the content.

What is Landing Page SEO?

Following the search engine optimization rules in landing page design is important for both brand reputation and customer satisfaction. For example, the campaign information in the given ad and the information on the redirected page should be the same. A landing page can act as a good tool for Wordpress users, especially beginners. At this point, it should be reminded that the theme used should have landing page design compatibility, regardless of whether it is a basic or professional level.

Channelizing its competence in digital marketing and advertising to the health sector, New Health Media is always with you with its landing page service!

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What is a WEB site, or more specifically, what is the website content? These questions are directed toward topics that attract the attention of users, especially those who want to create a professional impression. A website is an innovative type of sharing platform that makes it possible to exist in the online world and interact with large audiences. Website content is a general term that includes all elements on internet pages.

What are Website Content and Content?

It can be said that the website content is an ecosystem that covers the entirety of written and audio-visual productions on digital platforms. Photos, e-commerce products, music, blogs, pictures, etc. define website content. The type of content and design differ. For example, corporate WEBSITE content and personal website content have differences.

Website Content and ContentHow Should the Content of the Website Be?

At the point of website content production, questions such as what is a static and dynamic WEB site, how should be the ideal content, and how the content will reach high ranks in search engines come into play. During the content creation process, it is necessary to start with finding a domain (domain name) that will reflect the answer to the question of what is a WEB site name. For the website name, it will be more comfortable and memorable to use the same name as the existing brand, and company name. In addition to these, SEO compatibility and keyword planning are also extremely important, so much so that it is now even possible to say indispensable.

What is the Importance of Adding Content to the Website?

Adding content to websites is tempting with its versatile advantages. Adding original content brings a variety of benefits, including;

  • Reaching large audiences more easily,
  • Announcing the brand name,
  • Increasing brand visibility,
  • To gain an advantageous position in the competitive field,
  • Satisfying the target audience,
  • Reaching potential customers

As a 360 degree digital health agency, we invite you to plan your website creation processes together. As New Health Media, we are here with you with a copywriter department who has full knowledge of the content of the website and how to write it.

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Blog management is an important tool for creating organic traffic to the website. Increasing brand visibility is extremely important in terms of satisfying existing customers and reaching potential customers.

Digitalization has enabled visual, written, and audio content to develop both in terms of quality and quantity and to reach large masses. It would not be wrong to say that the different kinds of blog types have increased accordingly. Individuals, institutions, and organizations can share their promotions and advertisements with sub-categorizes such as personal blogs, community blocks, and corporate blogs. When it comes to administering this process professionally, blog management comes into play.

What is Blog Management?

Blog management requires a good knowledge of various tools, writing techniques, and technological trends. Writing a blog or entering content “arbitrarily” once in a while affect adversely the quality of the productions. Paid blog systems or free blog providers can be used to prevent this. Whichever method you use, it is essential to establish a good management mechanism to rank high in internet searches. E-commerce websites with a large user database and traffic are the first to come to mind in blog management.

Manage Blogs on E-Commerce SitesHow to Manage Blogs on E-Commerce Sites?

The main purpose of blog management is to ensure that the website becomes visible in search engines gradually and even in the first place.

  • Keyword Optimization

When creating content, you need to include keywords with high search volume in your text. There are paid and free keyword research tools for carrying out this process, which is extremely important in terms of SEO.

  • SEO Optimization

One of the essential factors for blog management is SEO. SEO-compatible text is very important for blogging to rank higher in Google search engines. This structure includes keyword research as well as other quality-oriented blogging techniques. Many processes from content title to ideal word - paragraph length, content scheme, and keyword optimization are subject to this field.


Other important elements to consider on your blog sites:

  • Content Planning,
  • Originality,
  • Correctly use of grammar,
  • Scheuled content sharing,
  • Target audience analysis,

What are the Advantages of Successful Blogging?

Starting a blog and advancing the process with blog management will increase your company's visibility and prestige. It will help you grow your target audiences, add new ones to your existing customer portfolio, and stay one step ahead of your competitors in making money by blogging.

Providing digital advertising services to clinics, doctors, and hospitals, New Health Media is with you in your SEO-compatible, quality, and niche blogs. If you want to get information and benefit from our professional blog writing services, you can contact us.

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The question of "what is UI and UX" is among the questions that e-commerce companies which have a digital identity are curious about. The influence and accelerated rise of the Internet age has not only transformed the trends and enriched the content, but also brought a new perspective to the user experience.

What are UI and UX?

If you are wondering what is UI and UX, then you are growing your business or you are taking things much more seriously. UX stands for User Experience; UI means User Interface. These two terms express a reflection of the user-centered operation as well as web design.

UX and UI Design ProcessesUser Experience and User Interface

The UI, that is, the user interface, is a structure consisting of visual designs that enable internet users to navigate the website with pleasure. It is among the main goals that people do not get bored while surfing, spend a long time on the website and reach the content they want without having any difficulty. UX, on the other hand, refers to a structure that evaluates the interaction of users on the website.

There are various UX programs and UI programs that are used to keep the interaction of the users with the relevant site to reach maximum benefit.

Differences Between UX and UI Design Processes

The answer to the question of what is UI, and UX design also explains the difference between the two processes. UI design is the interface design as a whole, while UX is a visual structure that includes the elements related to the effective use of this interface to be created. To sum up the situation with the most common answer to the question What is UI and UX design, UI is concrete and UX is abstract.

Why are UX and UI Important?

The question of what is UX and UI mainly covers the answers on the basis of creating more effective and useful website content for the user, and their coexistence leads to extremely good results. While the website becomes visually more intriguing with the UI, the designs create a complete skeleton thanks to the UI.

New Health Media, which has been in the digital marketing industry for a long time, simplifies these processes with its UX and UI design services. For detailed information, you can reach our digital agency that dominates health tourism advertising by working with clinics, doctors, and hospitals.


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