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CRM Service


What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. In short, this is the whole of the studies that companies have developed to make their relations with their current or potential customers the most efficient and profitable. While it was not preferred much in the past due to its cost, today it has become a method used by all institutions from small-scale enterprises to large holdings.

Crm Service- Hubspot What is Hubspot?

It is an online tool used for customer relationship management (CRM), inbound marketing, and e-mail marketing. It's a well-known fact that users are disturbed by the constantly increasing number of advertisements and they only want to reach information. While Hubspot was initially seen in small and medium-sized businesses, it has become increasingly preferred in the corporate world. It still offers different services for small businesses with different pricing.

Why is Hubspot Useful?

Hubspot's main purpose is to attract customers. It comes to play when companies produce and publish any content (article, blog, etc.). Implementation of this is extremely important for Hubspot. When starting out, it is always necessary to know the audience, how to ask questions and how to reach them.

After registration, the customer is included in Hubspot CRM and becomes a precursor. Subsequently, sending personalized messages to customers is beneficial for gaining trust.

Hubspot also makes SEO optimization quite simple. While producing blog content, it offers various keywords and suggestions to ensure top rankings.

It is possible to make things easier with the sharing from social media channels and the CRM integration of Hubspot. Along with the current and potential customers determined by a company's social media channels, the number of visits can be seen at the same time.

As New Health Media, you can contact us if you want to get support from our experienced staff on Hubspot and CRM integration.

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What is Email Marketing?

Before talking about e-mail marketing, it would be useful to know the term 'e-mail' in this concept: What is email? It is simply the name given to a digital message between two or more people.

Email marketing is a marketing method that is used as a kind of direct marketing channel to deliver marketing messages to a targeted group. It is more effective, more creative, more optimized, and more interaction-oriented compared to the past. It has made progress with Web 2.0. It is a subset of digital marketing.

Email Marketing ImportantWhy is Email Marketing Important?

  • It is known that two of its most important advantages are cost and ease of use.
  • Based on the interactions of customers via e-mail (clicks, purchases, etc.), e-mail marketing is the most efficient among online marketing types.
  • It prepares personalized product recommendations based on the past actions of customers.
  • It is possible to see which of the customers in the lists of the companies viewed the e-mail and which of them brought sales.
  • It's more helpful than social media channels in terms of potential customers evolving into real customers.
  • They are not affected by algorithm changes and have a long life.
  • It is less costly compared to other marketing tools like SEO.

How to Run Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a very important tool to attract customers to a website, and it pays off when applied correctly. In order to create a campaign in this way, what needs to be done is to add the e-mail list of the customers to the website and to direct the customers through the social media channel. The e-mails to be prepared should be sales incentives to the majority and contain accelerating statements to generate traffic to the website.

If you want to do effective email marketing and campaign management, entrust the whole process to New Health Media. You can contact us through our communication channels.

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What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ?

The interactions of companies/brands with their customers are recorded. The whole of the strategies and efforts to make these relationships more effective and efficient is called CRM. Also referred to as CRM solution. 

In addition, institutions are provided with an environment where all contacts with customers are kept in one place and sales can be tracked. With better communication and better process management, high profitability can obtain from sales.

What are the advantages of CRM?

A classic CRM solution has a structure that allows following all the steps from the first contact with the potential customer to the after-sales. While company employees use CRM to manage sales processes, and see and improve efficiency, a sales team can create proposals, track orders, access sales history, and access all recorded data at any time via CRM.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)When channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp are integrated into the CRM, the data of the customers trying to reach the company via these are archived and gathered under a single roof. It is not necessary to share the passwords of all these accounts with company employees. It is possible to gather different numbers of employees in different channels and to ensure that they deal with the customers that will be reached only through related channels.

The cloud-based structure of CRMs, which was generally preferred by large-scale institutions due to its cost in the past, ensures that it is exempt from installation and maintenance costs today. With the mobile-supported CRM, every employee in different units of a company can access the information whatever they want and wherever they are, and save the data.

CRM is one of the biggest supporters of companies that care about the demands and needs of their customers and move in this direction. Analyzes based on data and customer feedback can be made at every moment of two-way communication, and thus, more permanent relationships with customers can be established.

Make sure to take advantage of New Health Media's CRM support for a better customer experience and profitability.

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Health tourism, especially in recent years, is very valuable in terms of foreign exchange in our country. Turkey's targets for 2023 include a course of action called the "Health Tourism Strategic Plan" and stimulus packages worth approximately 10 billion dollars. It is desired to give incentives in line with these targets.

How to Get a Health Tourism Certificate?

First of all, the first step for Health Tourism Agencies is to get the Tursab certificate. After this document is received, applications for the Health Tourism Authorization Certificate are made. Then, it is necessary to become a member of HİB, the Service Exporters Association. After passing this stage, a business can provide health tourism services and benefit from incentives.

HEALTH TOURISM SALES TRAININGWhen it comes to clinics, the process is different and a little bit easier. A Tursab certificate is not required for them. It is enough to obtain an Agency Certificate only after compliance with certain criteria. In the second stage, it is important to employ competent and expert sales and marketing staff. These staff members should have expertise in sales, marketing, and language skills.

There is a need for an experienced digital marketing agency that will market the services on a global scale, introduce the clinic to patients abroad, and know which patients can come from which countries, and potential competitors in those countries.

The next stage is the digital marketing stage. This includes Facebook, Google, Instagram, and, according to specific countries, social media channels such as Tiktok and Snapchat, and expertise is a must in these channels. However, a video production that will carry out these activities in coordination is also essential. The content of the patient process and the before/after videos to be prepared also should have great quality.

Being able to fully reflect on the service provided to the other party is a factor that makes it easier always to stand out. An expert consultant to be found in order to receive government incentives will be a timesaver for the clinic.

Before you involve in Health Tourism, make sure to take advantage of New Health Media consultancy. We are with you with our expert staff at every step so that you can get incentives.


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