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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ?

The interactions of companies/brands with their customers are recorded. The whole of the strategies and efforts to make these relationships more effective and efficient is called CRM. Also referred to as CRM solution. 

In addition, institutions are provided with an environment where all contacts with customers are kept in one place and sales can be tracked. With better communication and better process management, high profitability can obtain from sales.

What are the advantages of CRM?

A classic CRM solution has a structure that allows following all the steps from the first contact with the potential customer to the after-sales. While company employees use CRM to manage sales processes, and see and improve efficiency, a sales team can create proposals, track orders, access sales history, and access all recorded data at any time via CRM.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)When channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp are integrated into the CRM, the data of the customers trying to reach the company via these are archived and gathered under a single roof. It is not necessary to share the passwords of all these accounts with company employees. It is possible to gather different numbers of employees in different channels and to ensure that they deal with the customers that will be reached only through related channels.

The cloud-based structure of CRMs, which was generally preferred by large-scale institutions due to its cost in the past, ensures that it is exempt from installation and maintenance costs today. With the mobile-supported CRM, every employee in different units of a company can access the information whatever they want and wherever they are, and save the data.

CRM is one of the biggest supporters of companies that care about the demands and needs of their customers and move in this direction. Analyzes based on data and customer feedback can be made at every moment of two-way communication, and thus, more permanent relationships with customers can be established.

Make sure to take advantage of New Health Media's CRM support for a better customer experience and profitability.


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