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Google ADS

Google ADS, formerly known as Google AdWords, is an advertising tool that ensures that advertisements can be published almost anywhere that can be accessed through this search engine. It cannot be ignored that the value of an advertisement, no matter how much change it contains, is equally protected in the rapidly globalizing and digitizing world.

Campaigns and Ad Types of Google ADS

Google ADs step forward among its counterparts, because it is more preferred. It includes types and campaigns such as search ads, shopping, remarketing, YouTube, Bumper, and outstream ads.

GOOGLE ADS-New Health MediaQuality Score Model

Google ADS also has its own quality scoring model. It covers the evaluation of your ad and landing page as a result of web searches made by visitors, in a ranking from 1 to 10 from low to high. In this rating, keywords with low scores affect the frequency of ads and therefore they are shown less.

Google ADS Dynamics in the Health Sector

As in other large-scale sectors that center direct human needs, there are some restrictions and mandatory rules that Google administers in accordance with its principles in the health sector. Knowing these well ensures that the profit to be received from the advertisement is high. Within the scope of the health sector, plastic surgery, hair transplant centers, beauty salons, hospitals, medical products for the disabled, and food supplements can be counted.

It is not allowed to be included in the landing pages, ad texts or keyword preferences of websites containing pharmaceutical terms.

Creating and Using Data Studio Content

Today, it is possible to collect data from many channels within digital marketing or you can collect them simply as an entrepreneur. Data Studio, part of Google Analytics, is one of them. In short, it creates a single interface using different data sources and enables reporting. It is very easy to integrate with other Google products (such as Google Sheets, Big Query) and it is also possible to include external sources while reporting. In addition, thanks to 3rd party apps, the data of advertisements on social media platforms can be added to the content.

If you want to be informed and create an efficient advertising network, especially on Google ADS, and all other Google components, as the New Health Media team, we are at your side to support you.


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