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Email Marketing


What is Email Marketing?

Before talking about e-mail marketing, it would be useful to know the term 'e-mail' in this concept: What is email? It is simply the name given to a digital message between two or more people.

Email marketing is a marketing method that is used as a kind of direct marketing channel to deliver marketing messages to a targeted group. It is more effective, more creative, more optimized, and more interaction-oriented compared to the past. It has made progress with Web 2.0. It is a subset of digital marketing.

Email Marketing ImportantWhy is Email Marketing Important?

  • It is known that two of its most important advantages are cost and ease of use.
  • Based on the interactions of customers via e-mail (clicks, purchases, etc.), e-mail marketing is the most efficient among online marketing types.
  • It prepares personalized product recommendations based on the past actions of customers.
  • It is possible to see which of the customers in the lists of the companies viewed the e-mail and which of them brought sales.
  • It's more helpful than social media channels in terms of potential customers evolving into real customers.
  • They are not affected by algorithm changes and have a long life.
  • It is less costly compared to other marketing tools like SEO.

How to Run Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a very important tool to attract customers to a website, and it pays off when applied correctly. In order to create a campaign in this way, what needs to be done is to add the e-mail list of the customers to the website and to direct the customers through the social media channel. The e-mails to be prepared should be sales incentives to the majority and contain accelerating statements to generate traffic to the website.

If you want to do effective email marketing and campaign management, entrust the whole process to New Health Media. You can contact us through our communication channels.


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