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Questions such as "what is a Landing Page" and "what does it do" are frequently encountered. There are many tools and methods available for creating a good website. A landing page is extremely important for e-commerce sites to increase the conversion rate. In this respect, attention should be paid in terms of design and content production.

What Does Landing Page Do?

The question of why a Landing page is used is one of the first questions that come to mind of those who research the subject. A landing page basically defines the pages that contain a product or service. And it is accessible to internet users. It has a different mission considering many other websites: Increasing the Conversion Rate! Digital marketing companies use campaigns and landing page theme formats to achieve this goal.

What is Landing Page Design?

The landing page is the first section that users access. When the end-user clicks on a digital advertising campaign, they are directed to this landing page. In summary, the answer to the question “What does a landing page mean" and the explanation of the design logic can be summarized as follows: Landing pages are promotional pages where users are directed to the relevant website. It is important for both your customers and SEO compatibility that you create landing pages by paying attention to the design details, the start and end processes of the campaigns, and the formats of the content.

What is Landing Page SEO?

Following the search engine optimization rules in landing page design is important for both brand reputation and customer satisfaction. For example, the campaign information in the given ad and the information on the redirected page should be the same. A landing page can act as a good tool for Wordpress users, especially beginners. At this point, it should be reminded that the theme used should have landing page design compatibility, regardless of whether it is a basic or professional level.

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