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Social Media and Alternative Media


Social media and alternative media refer to two terms that feed on each other in different ways. Media, by its nature, includes missions such as influencing people, defining conditions, and attribution of information and meaning. The popularity of social media brings with it the question of what is alternative media and other questions related to the content.

What are Social Media and Alternative Media?

The development of technology and the change in trends continue to expand the answer to the question of “what is social media”. Basically, social media is the self-promotion done by internet users through web platforms. The definition of alternative media is the production activities that take place against the mainstream. Regardless of the source, the effective use of new media tools is extremely important in terms of visibility, interaction, and prestige.

Social Media and Alternative MediaWhat are the Characteristics of Alternative Media?

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter essentially manifest themselves as examples of alternative media. Unlike traditional media sources such as television and newspapers, users can produce their own content through alternative media platforms. The opportunity to create your own content also offers the freedom to be included in the media sector from a different channel.

 What is Social Media Audit?

Social media control is linked to the effect and development of new media tools and it has a mechanism that covers different layers. For example, institution and agency auditing has effects such as transforming, changing, and controlling the operation, according to current circumstances. As a result of the audit of a social media activity, regular updates are followed and the social media shares are made accordingly. Thus, it is known what will attract the audience on social media, and that's how ongoingness is achieved. A social media manager and social media expert has knowledge of innovations, trends, and items that should be audited.

As the New Health Media family, which has been in the field of digital marketing and social media management for many years and has the title of Turkey's first health agency, we closely follow all developments in media platforms. To get information about new media management and to benefit from our services, simply contact us.

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The answer to the question of “what is social media management” defines the digital interactions and media strategies made to grow your own business and reach your company to wider audiences. It brings many advantages from brand awareness to target audience increase.

What is Social Media Management?

Social media covers almost every sector from health to IT and e-commerce and it is essentially a sector in itself. It includes the process of creating special content for different target audiences; professionalism makes a big difference. For example, some of the elements to be considered within the social media management in the health sector are:

  • Produce content suitable for the patient profiles of clinics, doctors, and hospitals,
  • Use of social media accounts specific to health tourism,
  • Finding the right tone for Before – After patient photographs and sharing them,
  • The strategy of using stock images and real patient images,
  • To dominate the trends, to take the pulse of social media users well.

Social Media Consultancy

Social media consultancy is the making of strategies that provide regular, goal-oriented advertising to individuals, institutions, startups, and organizations on social media. An important point is the integration of social media accounts. One of the important factors that answer the question of "what is a qualified social media consultancy" is to share content on all channels that dominate social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and to produce original social media content suitable for each medium. In addition, user interactions differ on Instagram and Youtube, so these processes need to be managed correctly.


When social media marketing is done correctly, the results will manifest themselves. The distinctive benefits to be obtained when quality social media management is supported by analyzing today's needs are as follows:

  • Brand awareness increases,
  • Organic sales increase,
  • Brand transformation and development process gains momentum,
  • Get ahead in the competitive field,
  • Customer relations and communication with the target audience are improved,
  • New strategies are gained through social media analysis and reporting.

By working with institutions that do social media management, you can maximize the benefits. If you want your social media management and consultancy processes to be carried out in the best way, you can choose Turkey's first health agency New Health Media, which has been offering services for many years within the scope of health tourism.

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Media evaluation platforms are extremely important in order to control social media traffic and take essential actions. Measurement with social media tools, analysis, and tracking data makes it both possible and easier to develop performance and improvement methods.

What is Social Media Measurement and Analysis?

Social media, which represents one of the channels that have the power to dominate the trends in digital media, is improved with media evaluation tools. Measurement and analytics help to evaluate both productivity tracking and platform performance. Review sites such as Realself, Trustpilot, and Whatcliniq are one step ahead in this regard.

How Should Media Evaluation Platforms Be Managed and Controlled?



The evaluation process covers a certain hierarchical process and requires the effective use of new generation tools and measurement platforms. In the social media evaluation phase, there are steps to monitor, measure, analyze and report. If we give  examples from the health sector;

During the monitoring phase, a special area is created based on the hospital, doctor, and clinic goals. The aim is to collect data and make quality assessments.

During the measurement phase, the context between the data collected in the monitoring section and the goals of hospitals and clinics is determined and they are digitized.

Analysis, on the other hand, includes the evaluation of numerical data by hospitals and clinics. Social media experts determine the success and inadequacy of the posts. Thus, new strategies are developed.

The reporting phase is the reporting of the data and feedback obtained during the monitoring, measurement, and analysis phases to the relevant clinic and hospital.

What are Feedback Platforms?

Feedback is an important part that enables the institution to interact and communicate with internet users. Continuing from the example of the health sector, people can ask the doctors about the medical subjects they are curious about and communicate with them directly if there is a message they want to convey. In addition, reliable solutions can be obtained in a short time for possible problems, and satisfaction measurement and analysis can be done more quickly and easily. The management of social media and alternative channels in the health sector has an impact on real patient opinions and feedback.

As the New Health Media family, Turkey's first and leading in the sector 360° digital health agency, we manage your social media processes professionally and help you reach large audiences in the field of health through social media channels.

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An influencer is an English word used to describe people who use social media platforms effectively and have achieved a high number of followers. These people have thousands or even hundreds of thousands and millions of followers.

What Does Influencer Do?

Influencers, who succeed in influencing people with the content they produce, are effective in the decision-making processes of their followers. The influencership, which was originally for entertainment and hobby-oriented purposes, has become a professional, corporate profession today. Terms such as Influencer Marketing or Influencer marketing agency are derived. Although the domain categories vary, they basically market through digital media channels.

Influencer Marketing- Influencing

What is Influencer Marketing?

The question of what Influencer Marketing does has taken its place among the most frequently searched topics on social media. It would be right to say that it is a new generation strategy for influencer marketing. It can be detailed as companies promoting their products and services by making agreements with well-known people and accounts on social media. Thanks to influencer marketing, companies carry out a more advantageous strategy by making their advertisements and promotions through people who already have an impact on a certain audience.

How is Influencer Marketing Done?

Sometimes brands contact the Influencer directly, and in some cases, the influencer marketing agency comes into play. The influencer marketing method is highly common on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. A large number of followers means that the advertised product, service, or content information reaches more people in an easier way. For this reason, brands are thinking about how to find the right influencer and investing in this direction.

How Influencer Agreement Process Management Should Be?

The methods of communicating with the influencer, namely “opinion leaders”, may vary. Influencer marketing agencies stand between people who are known on social media and have a high number of followers through the process of making business-based agreements. However, direct communication with these individuals is also among the options. The answer to the question of "What way do brands follow while performing influencer marketing" can also differ.

In order to increase your social media visibility, reach your potential followers on the internet and expand your business network, you can choose New Health Media, which has reached the position of Turkey's leading health agency with its digital marketing and advertising experience.


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