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Importance of Digital Marketing in Health Tourism

Health Tourism and Digital Marketing Health tourism has evolved from the adventure of the Sumerians in 4000 BC to find healing in thermal water resources into a sector in which a foreign exchange inflow of 10 billion dollars is targeted in 2023. Health tourism can be briefly defined as the country and city change activities of individuals in order to treat their diseases or have aesthetic operations. These treatments have become even more popular in Turkey as well as all over the world. It would not be wrong to say that this type of tourism, especially in recent years, has become an enjoyable journey where people benefit from marketing activities. In this alternative tourism type, in which government investments and government incentives are still increasing, digital marketing is undoubtedly one of the most important factors that both form and direct the requests in the right way. When starting digital marketing, the first question that should be asked is "why should a health tourist change country for treatment?" At this point, four important issues come into play:

  • Price advantages,
  • Advanced technological activities,
  • Personalized medicine,
  • Comfort and after-care.

It is necessary to consider the marketing process separately from the decision-making process. Raising awareness and providing accurate information starts the decision process for the health tourist, but essentially the marketing process should start simultaneously with this cycle. For this, the critical issue that needs to be emphasized is a website where you can convey your strategy correctly. Your website which helps people to find you and determines how you can be visible to a health tourist, must include different language options and convey your business mission completely.

Your website, which will determine how patients will hear your name or how you will become more visible to a health tourist, should have different language options and conveys your mission completely. Your content, which should differ from country to country, should be user-friendly, should not leave any question marks behind, and will bring a positive effect on the decision-making process.

Online marketing is both a service that includes website activities and an important application that you should use to give the first impression about your brand, products, and services. To attract health tourists through social media, you must first have sufficient information about the linked market. The next stage is the epidemiological data follow-up process, which examines the factors affecting the occurrence, frequency, and spread of the disease. Competitive analyzes, region-specific content, and designs, effective use of social media, and consistency will be among the important advantages of digital marketing in health tourism.

When it comes to digital public relations, these practices constitute an alternative to managing your brand reputation parallel with image management activities. It will be inevitable for you to become visible when you show your purpose, activities, and difference to the health tourists in the regions you aim to impress.

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