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Patient-Process Videos in Health Tourism

Video production plods through to becoming a fundamental part of every industry. In fact, it is difficult for businesses if they don't produce video content to find a place for themselves in their current sectors. So why has this situation become so important in health tourism? How should we integrate videos into the health tourism process?

In the age of consumerism, where people quickly reach all kinds of needs and information that will make life easier, there is no room for anything to slow them down. This is where video production comes into play.

We have come to the point where we prefer to learn the information thereby watching a video rather than reading a text.

The importance of making a video in health tourism also comes into play at this point. Instead of reading long texts about an operation or treatment method or researching a doctor's career, it is much more enjoyable and easier for people to watch the experience of a patient who has received that treatment before.

Patient process videos are made to answer all the questions that foreign patients have in mind before the operation. Thanks to these videos, the patient can watch in detail what stages they will go through, from the moment they are first greeted until they are sent to their country.

Sample Video

First of all, the communication process, reservation planning, greeting from airport, accommodation, patient-staff dialogues, activities in the city, surgery day, doctor-patient dialogues, the post-operative process, and finally the patient's transfer to the airport and send them off to their countries is reflected in the patient process videos with all clarity.


Pre-Production in Patient Process Videos

In the pre-production, which we can define as the most important stage of the process videos, future patients' profile is analyzed, and a plan is prepared in which the patient can express himself in the best way. This stage starts with an online interview with the patient, and then the story of the process is created. This fictional creation in patient-process videos should be natural ve authentic.

The flight hours of the patient, operation day, post-operative care, and the days of the exterior shooting are determined in this process.


Types of Equipment in Patient Process Videos

In the pre-production phase, it is also important to determine which equipment will be used in the shoot. Shooting these types of videos with two cameras will be an advantage for post-production. Nowadays, 4K mirrorless cameras are preferred because they don't occupy much space. As a microphone, on-camera mic and lapel mic must be in our bag. If you choose wireless lavalier microphones, this will give you a great advantage. Although our basic equipment is a camera and microphone, considering different situations, it would be useful to have additional equipment such as pluggable lights, a tripod, a gimbal, and a drone.

If we list the equipment that should be in our bag for shooting, these come to mind:

• Camera (2 cameras and 2 cameramen, if possible)

• Microphones (lapel and on-camera mic)

• Light (on-camera lights)

• Tripod

• Gimbal

• Drone


Patient Process Video Production Phase

The production process is the phase where the planned footage from the previous pre-production phase turns into action. First, shooting is done according to the plan, and then the story begins to appear. Before the editing process, videos are shot and if stock images are to be used, their planning should be made. After the production phase is completed, the editing phase comes into play.


Patient Process Videos' Effects on Health Tourism

At the beginning of our article, we talked about the importance of video and why it should be preferred. Video production is one of the most important stages of health tourism. Patient process videos are top of the list of the most significant videos. Patient candidates can identify themselves with these video contents and gain insight about the process. For this reason, while planning the treatment process videos, we should never offer a service that we did not offer.

We can think of patient process videos as an experience of sharing, or we can liken them to the unboxing videos we watch on YouTube. Just as all the features of the product are mentioned in the box opening vids, we need to focus on the patient's experience in these videos, again from the patient's perspective. The patient should definitely take the lead role. The interpreter, nurses, or even the doctor shouldn't steal the role from the patient.

Priority should be performing works that let patients who come from another country know the process with all details and receive treatment and relieve their concerns.


Post-Production in Patient Process Videos

At the end of this whole process, it's time for the post-production phase. In fact, we can call this stage "the moment when the product emerges". It is also possible to say that it is the easiest stage if it proceeds with a certain planning.

At this stage, the music, sound, stock images and images to be used in the video are arranged in accordance with the plan and the story is revealed.

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