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Using Hashtags in Social Media

Social media marketing is one of the most popular marketing tools today. It is no longer possible for business to gain competitive advantage and even be present in the market without being active on major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Therefore, an effective social media management is one of the most important assets of today's businesses. As a matter of fact, the interaction methods and tools used in social media platforms bring their own target audience and advantages.

In this blog, we will explain hashtag strategies that can greatly increase your audience engagement and we will share with you how you can use them in the most effective way.

Social Media- Hashtag

History of Hashtag

First, we need to go back to 2007 and visit Twitter to analyse the original use of hashtags. 

Marketing expert named Chris Messina has suggested using hashtags to "group" short posts on Twitter. He presented this suggestion to users via his Twitter account.

The comebacks of his sharing has given rise to hashtag, which is one of the most effective interaction tools today.


What is a hashtag?

Basic information about using hashtags:

  1. It always starts with #. There should be no spaces, punctuation or symbols.
  2. Make sure your accounts are public. Otherwise, non-followers cannot see the hashtags you write.
  3. Don't write too many words together. The best hashtags tend to be relatively short and easy to remember.
  4. Use relevant, current and general hashtags. If the hashtag is too specific (eg #bubulmasızorbirhashtag), it will be harder for your target audience to find it.
  5. Limit the number of hashtags you use. Using more hashtags to expand your audience increases your risk of being detected as spam.
  6. Be sure to consider hashtag search volume! What are your chances to be seen with hashtags that have millions of search volumes or how many users can you reach with a hashtag it its volume is less than a thousand?

Hashtags on Social Media

Increasing followers and using hashtags on social media

To use hashtags effectively on social media, you need to understand exactly how this system works and give some thought to a strategy. If you use them correctly, your products or brand will attract more attention and be seen by more people. Let's take a look at hashtags you can use to build your social media strategy and optimize your profile:


1. Industry hashtags – (#Healthtourism)

Hashtags that describe your expertise in the industry are called industry hashtags.


2. Brand or product hashtags - (#Bodystretch)

One of the best ways to highlight your brand and link up new connections in your profile is to use brand or product hashtags.


3. Generic keyword hashtags - (#Gogussurgery)

As millions of people use general hashtags, these are the most competitive group of hashtags. 


4. Event hashtags (#healthprograms)

Whenever there is an event in your neighborhood or in the world, you can use event hashtags so you can easily find people in that area by being part of the movement.


5. Hashtags by location (#Istanbul)

With location tags, you can make it easier for followers to find you.


6. Community hashtags (#instalovers)

Community hashtags help you connect like-minded followers on a specific topic.,


What does hashtags do?

So, what advantages can you get with the hashtags?

  1. Engage more with your followers.
  2. Build your brand.
  3. Support everyday matters
  4. Create contexts for your social media posts.
  5. Help your audience to find you.

By using hashtags correctly and effectively, you can increase your social media visibility, expand your audience, and increase your ultimate goal of customer acquisition or conversion rate.

In this way, you can gain a competitive advantage in health tourism, which has a great importance especially in the foreign market, and reach the status of the sector leader.

As New Health Media team, we have been offering the most effective and up-to-date social media marketing methods and strategies for years. If you want to have an effective social media management and use the most effective strategies, including reaching the right target audience by using hashtags, you can contact us.

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