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The Importance of Remarketing in Health Tourism

You come across advertisements about a product or service that you are talking about or researching, right? This is a topic that is often mentioned in close-circle conversations. After a bit of being surprised by this situation, the first question that comes to mind is: Are mobile devices following us? While speaking about this question, similar experiences are often shared in chat: “Something I talked about / texted about recently came across while I was surfing...”

I must say that the situation I mentioned above is not a mysterious issue, but an algorithm. The name of this algorithm is remarketing. It is a pop-up/cookie/cookie-based system and one of the marketing methods we use. Let's explain this simply. For example, remarketing is a system that allows us to see the advertisement of the previous site or similar services-products on different sites after we leave an X website.

What is the Purpose of Remarketing?

The goal is to "remarket" the product that the potential customers are looking for, are hesitant to do, or have given up on purchasing for some reason. We allocate a budget to social media channels and make advertisements to reintroduce a service/product to the customers (to gain new visitors and followers). But in the end, only a small percentage of the audience buys the product. Of course, this is not the result we want. At this point, remarketing comes into play and allows us to retarget the relevant audience who left the site without purchasing.

It is very important to understand the remarketing algorithm in order to achieve success. The algorithm is a living system. It is constantly changing and transforming depending on the user's behaviors and improves itself. By integrating Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel codes into our site or social media accounts, we can track the activities of our audience while surfing. In addition, these platforms track user behavior with cookies on different sites and segment them. This data increases our sales by organizing special advertising campaigns that we target and encourages us to download an application or follow a page. For example, a first-time visitor to your website will most likely not remember your website the next day. This is where remarketing campaigns come into play; reminds your potential customer of your brand and products repeatedly. Thus, it also contributes to brand awareness.

Achieving Success in Remarketing!

So far, I have explained the simple aspects of remarketing. But, as in every marketing strategy, there are some issues you need to pay attention to…

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