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Mobile Advertisements in Health Tourism

Reaching the target audience is now much easier than before. As the amount of time people spend on smartphones is increasing, the masses are choosing to stay online all the time. With mobile advertising, reaching potential customers surfing the internet by showing ads is much easier.

What are the Advantages of Mobile Ads for Us?

More phone calls, Instagram and WhatsApp messages, customer forms… Thanks to mobile ads, your target audience can also follow your social media accounts, visit your website, and download your mobile applications, if available.

How Should Mobile Ads Be Planned?

The answer to this question is very simple. First, you should define a target audience (gender, age, country, etc.) and general business goals.

Secondly, you should determine the “keywords” that mobile users may prefer when they are doing their research. Remember this: Most smartphone users are pretty lazy when it comes to typing. They don't like to search for content if they are detailed and include long sentences. For this reason, you should choose strategic short- and long-tail words.

In the next step, you can start working on the ad ideas. You can use search ads, or you can prefer display ads as well. Our recommendation is that first, you should meet target audiences with search ads, and then show display ads to the same audience by remarket-targeting.

Creation of Ads

Always remember that mobile ads are not as large and detailed as they appear on a computer or TV. Mobile ads should be target-oriented, give a clear message, and be result-oriented.

Due to the pandemic, it is a fact that mobile users spend a lot of time on the Internet. We need to draw the attention of potential seekers with accurate and interesting content. We use visual ads for this…

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