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How Patients Decide Which Clinic od Doctor to Choose in Health Tourism

Health Tourism and Reliable DoctorThe high number of doctors and clinics that patients can entrust to themselves in health tourism reveals that the choice decision can be taken for quite different reasons. Of course, in the selection process, it is inevitable that there will be various factors, including personal concerns. So how do patients decide who and which clinic to trust?



When it comes to tourism, just like any type of tourist, medical tourists consider the requirements such as visa and passport, round-trip ticket prices, accommodation costs and emergency expenses. Health tourists do service-expense analyses and compare overall cost and quality of service with those in their own country. As a result of this, they want to take advantage of health tourism benefits.



First, the medical tourist must believe that she/he will receive qualified treatment and service. Patients want to secure themselves by interrogating whether doctors and clinics are working in accordance with international accreditation organizations (ISO, ACHS, CCHSA, ISQua, etc.). Health tourists also research the clinic’s qualifications and doctor’s educational background and certificates. Doctor-clinic obligations such as responsibilities and insurance coverage for potential problems are also important for health tourists. Patients' thoughts and references are also extremely important for health tourists during the decision-making process.



It is important for patients if doctors and healthcare professionals can communicate with health tourists, and they can meet on common ground. Patients care about effective communication with the doctors and other personnel in the clinic for the purpose of ensuring to get quality service and expressing their wishes comfortably. Doctor’s or clinic’s social media accounts and their posts on these platforms are very determinative in terms of communication and this becomes one of the reasons why patients prefer them.



Patients put comfort first, especially in the treatment process. Accommodation and medical travel services are the first things that spring to mind when it comes to comfort. Accommodation facilities and the distance between the clinic and the hotel are among the details that health tourists consider when choosing a clinic-doctor. Health tourism is very popular both in our country and in the world. Patients are looking for doctors in this sector with whom they can share all their concerns and thoughts. As the phrase goes, patients need passengers who will be on the same ship with them to feel refreshed and get healthy again.

People want to get a service they have always dreamed of with a team that can adapt to them intellectually and people also want to experience unforgettable new memories in the country they will visit. It is everyone’s right to experience a process that includes valuing the people and respecting patients’ wishes and decisions.

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