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How Can I Do Health Tourism

Health tourism is the sensitive point of Turkey! A foreign exchange inflow of 10 billion dollars is targeted in 2023. State investments and incentives in this sector are growing. As such, many new companies are entering this sector as health tourism intermediary firms. Clinics are trying to reach foreign patients by obtaining a health tourism authorization certificate.

Let's look at the stages of making health tourism together.

  • The first step for agencies is to get a Class A Agency Certificate from TÜRSAB. And then you need to obtain a Health Tourism Authorization Certificate and join the Service Exporters' Association as a member. After these are completed, you can legally engage in health tourism and benefit from government incentives.

  • The situation is much simpler in clinics and practices. After completing the qualifying conditions, it is sufficient to get the Health Tourism Authorization Certificate. Do not forget that getting support from a competent consultant during this process will make your job easier.

  • Then, it is essential to establish a team with high sales ability, communication skills, and foreign language level.

  • Coming up next, there is the process of introducing the company and reaching patients who need treatment from all over the world… You need to develop the right strategies with an expert digital agency, determine which countries and treatment options you will invest in, and start marketing activities for these countries. At this point, be careful to choose an experienced agency. Otherwise, remember that they will gain experience with your money.

  • Make sure to use a CRM program that will collect data from different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google, Tiktok, Mail, SMS, and phone calls. This will both minimize patient losses and enable the formation of a company culture. At the same time, it will increase your sales by following the footsteps of the marketing process. 

  • Working with an expert incentive consultant who can control government incentives will save you time.

Don't forget! Success is not a random selection.

See you in another article!

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