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To Be or Not to Be in Dental Tourism

It would not be wrong to say that traveling to other countries, meeting different people, and learning about other cultures is a necessity for most of us. Getting to know different cultures also allows people to know themselves. As Rimbaud said, " Je est un autre” which means “the Self is Other, the self is another”.

Today, international traveling is more important and common than in the past... A substantial part of the population allocates a significant share of their annual earnings for their international travel or trips(!). People dream about exciting moments, new experiences, and different tastes all year round. Which museums should I go to? Should I try the most famous local delicacies? What are the virgin bays? In addition to these, there is one more thing that should be included in budget planning: Health expenses. Among the health expenses, those that involved oral and dental health: Implant treatment, dental filling, aesthetic lamina, orthodontics, smile aesthetics, and dental prostheses. With increased travel and transportation opportunities, the quality of health care has improved in some developing countries, bringing people together at the intersection of health and tourism.

Dental tourism, which is one of the most important parts of health tourism, offers both treatment and travel opportunities to those who want to receive oral and dental treatment or change their physical appearance. The most important motivation of the demand for dental tourism is the opportunity to get royal treatment with low budgets. One of the important destinations of dental tourism, which has a significant share of 25% in health tourism, is Turkey.

Besides health services, a respectable part of those who want to experience history, nature, and summer tourism prefer Turkey. People who visit our country for dental tourism mostly come from countries such as England, Germany, and the Netherlands. In these developed countries, where the level of education and welfare is high, the cost of receiving health services is also high. People who cannot or do not want to pay high treatment costs prefer Turkey. Because this country has qualified and low-cost treatment alternatives.

Turkey is becoming more and more widespread day by day on a global scale and has come to the forefront of dental tourism. According to DİŞSİAD's statement, Turkey's 2023 dental tourism target is 2.5 billion dollars. To achieve this goal, the institutions that provide oral and dental health services in our country, need to carry out successful promotional activities in addition to qualified treatment services.

To be successful in dental tourism, it is necessary to make an effective digital marketing strategy. During the implementation of the digital marketing strategy, useable digital marketing tools should be determined. The most important of them are SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), email marketing, YouTube, and social media management.

If you want to be successful in dental tourism, you should determine a marketing strategy and you should get professional help during the use of digital marketing tools. If you want to be an effective actor in the field of dental tourism, which is increasing its share in the sector day by day; You can choose New Health Media. We are planning, implementing, and analyzing all your marketing processes with a sustainable strategy. Let's find your bearings together that lead to success in your clinic with our team of digital marketing experts focused on the health sector.


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