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How should digital marketing be in health tourism?

In health tourism, we need to consider digital as a whole. We get requests about ads and social media management from those who can't handle this as a whole. But if we want to achieve success in health tourism, using only social media can not be enough. When many prospects come to us, they wonder how many posts we share per month first. And we politely state that the answer to this is not important. The reason for this is that if you really want to provide health tourism services, you should not get hung on the number of posts and videos. You should focus on the result you will get from here.

Sometimes, prospects build a website at another agency and come to us with an attitude that they don't want to pay for this service anymore. Then we are checking this website. If it is not compatible with CRM, we are clear that there is no chance to achieve something with this website. If there is no search engine marketing (SEM) that we can get from the ads we have made, getting results does not seem very possible. However, at this point, the customer persistently mentions that they do not want to pay for the new website. Likewise, we have customers who say, "I'll plan the rest of the organization myself, you just manage my ads". Our customers, who can manage these organizations, have professional staff and we only provide consultancy services to them.

However, we are talking about the proper fulfillment of each work here. At the point where they do not manage it properly, we get feedback stating that they could not get any efficiency from these advertisements after 3-4 months and "we could not provide health tourism service successfully". We definitely have to deal with digital in the health sector at every point and we should do it properly. We should handle it as a whole without separating elements from each other and go to the conclusion from here.


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