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Website Design


Web design is a presentation of web pages consisting of written and visual content to the visitors in a certain structure. It is also called a Web design project because it expresses a versatile and comprehensive process. You can find answers to questions such as "what is a Web site design" or "what is a corporate WEB site" in the rest of the content.

What is Web Design and What Does It Do?

In order to answer the question of what is web design, it is necessary to briefly answer the question of what is a WEB site. The website is a networking platform that brings together digital content of different types and formats. For answering the question of what is WEB design, it can be said that it is a detailed structure that makes it possible for the website to be accessed by search engines. It is a collection of data that increases the visibility of individuals, institutions, and organizations in digital media.

How to Design a Website?

Websites contain texts, images, and audio content. Automotive, e-commerce, health sector, etc. all institutions and organizations or startups benefit from these contents while promoting their products and services on the internet. In web design, HTML or CSS coding is administered, and the website is completed when the integration is done and the testing process is completed. People who specialize in this field are called Web design specialists.

Health Tourısm Website DesignWhat Should Be Considered In Website Design?

  • · SEO compliance,
  • · Analyses of the target audience
  • · Graphic design WEB site compatibility,
  • · Compatibility with mobile devices,
  • · Authenticity,
  • · User-friendly interface,
  • · Being an expert in web design elements.

What are Web Design Elements?

Website design elements are highly effective in quality and sustainability. In this respect, the general structure, color, font, and how the contents are constructed determine the quality of the design. It is important to give the necessary attention to web design in order to increase brand visibility in the digital field, to reach a large end-user mass, to stick in current customers' minds, to leave a good impression, and even increase sales volume.

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