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The question of "what is UI and UX" is among the questions that e-commerce companies which have a digital identity are curious about. The influence and accelerated rise of the Internet age has not only transformed the trends and enriched the content, but also brought a new perspective to the user experience.

What are UI and UX?

If you are wondering what is UI and UX, then you are growing your business or you are taking things much more seriously. UX stands for User Experience; UI means User Interface. These two terms express a reflection of the user-centered operation as well as web design.

UX and UI Design ProcessesUser Experience and User Interface

The UI, that is, the user interface, is a structure consisting of visual designs that enable internet users to navigate the website with pleasure. It is among the main goals that people do not get bored while surfing, spend a long time on the website and reach the content they want without having any difficulty. UX, on the other hand, refers to a structure that evaluates the interaction of users on the website.

There are various UX programs and UI programs that are used to keep the interaction of the users with the relevant site to reach maximum benefit.

Differences Between UX and UI Design Processes

The answer to the question of what is UI, and UX design also explains the difference between the two processes. UI design is the interface design as a whole, while UX is a visual structure that includes the elements related to the effective use of this interface to be created. To sum up the situation with the most common answer to the question What is UI and UX design, UI is concrete and UX is abstract.

Why are UX and UI Important?

The question of what is UX and UI mainly covers the answers on the basis of creating more effective and useful website content for the user, and their coexistence leads to extremely good results. While the website becomes visually more intriguing with the UI, the designs create a complete skeleton thanks to the UI.

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