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Programmatic DV360


What is DV360?

Display and Video 360, formerly known as "Doubleclick Bid Manager", is an ad management tool. It is one of the new actors of digital advertising. It is among the Demand Side Platform tools and is one of the elements of programmatic advertising. This tool was developed and came into use by Google Marketing Platform.

DV360, which agencies have recently started to use in Turkey. It is supported by Google's artificial intelligence and provides the inclusion of many parameters and measurements into the equation, from all kinds of reactions of the users to the information about the place where they live.

Programmatic DV360 AdvertisingWhat is Programmatic Advertising?

Today, nearly 80% of digital advertising embodies programmatic advertisements. The concept briefly refers to purchasing an automated ad space instead of the methods used in conventional digital advertising. It uses data to ensure that ads are affordable and reach the right person at the right time. When the old methods were used, it was not known how many of the users who clicked on a website were actually targeted, and therefore it was inevitable to spend extra budget. In other words, it can be said that algorithms have replaced humans in these calculations and targeting. It also saves extra time for other operations to be performed, such as optimization.

Programmatic Terms

DSP (Demand-Side Platform) Demand-Side Platform:Software that uses demands created by advertisers. It is often referred to as DSP. Thanks to this software, advertisers can buy ad placements.

SSP (Supply-Side Platform) Supply Side Platform:In the old days of digital advertising, every publisher had to reach the advertiser and sell the ad space. This manual process was later automated with programmatic. The software that provides this possibility is SSP. Whoever makes the highest bid through the SSP, which can access the ad exchange, will be shown the ad.

Ad-Exchange:It is the name of the field where the trades of Demand-Side Platform and Supply-Side Platform are developed. It is also known as the Advertising Exchange.

RTB (Real-Time Bidding) Real-Time Pricing: Briefly, it can be mentioned as digital bidding for ad placements. It is performed in a petite time frame (milliseconds). Until a website page opens, the person who bids the highest on the ad space and meets the minimum conditions will be advertised there.

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