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Meta Ads


What is Meta Ads?

Meta-advertising; It is the name of a hybrid model in which advertisers do advertisement for ads. In this context, advertisers try to highlight any of their products with the advertisement they create, it is a form of viral advertising.

Advertising in Social Networks; It is a definition that covers online advertising and marketing techniques that focus on social media. Advertising on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram has a very important place and dimention in recent years.

Facebook is currently the most crowded social media platform in the world, with more than 1 billion members from almost all age groups. Facebook Ads stands out as a reliable option in the field of advertising and marketing. In order to advertise on Facebook, it is necessary to follow a few steps and the first step is accessing the Facebook Business page.

Meta Advertising - Facebook BusinessDifferent advertising options exist too. Some of them are;

  • Highlighting Posts,
  • Attracting Customers to the Website,
  • Increasing Website Traffic,
  • Downloading Mobile Applications,
  • Increasing Application Interactions,
  • Getting Video Views.


In addition, while advertising on Facebook, it is extremely important to use the Power Editor they have built for detailed advertising, to pay attention to retargeting and segmentation, and to use Conversion Pixel to measure ad conversions.

Facebook Lead Form, on the other hand, is a tool that allows potential customers to proceed entirely through Facebook instead of going to a service-providing website via Facebook. It is especially useful for companies whose websites do not have sufficient speed so that they do not lose their potential customers. To use it, it is necessary to access the business page through the Business Manager. These forms can be designed here, questions can be added, and a referral can be made to the Privacy Policy required to obtain a sales permit.

Thanks to the Business Manager, it is possible for more than one person to access their advertising account, thus providing multiple access and management opportunities. It is possible to follow pages such as Instagram, Facebook, catalogs from the same field, and to take action on multiple panels specific to Facebook and Instagram, and to see and easily manage budgets and expenditures.

In order to keep up with the times, meet the experienced social media team of New Health Media as soon as possible and take advantage of our support.


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