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In the process of creating a brand, the logo reflects a kind of identity of the product or institution it belongs to and is a signature. Generally, the combination of two or more typographic characters into a meaningful word and the combination of symbols used together is called a logo. This is considered one of the first and most important cornerstones of corporate identity formation. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the subject meticulously, especially in the name of image and awareness.

It is possible to tell many ways and means for the brand to reach the target audience. Among them, the fastest and shortest way is the logo. Although the duration of the impact is not longer than the other written content used for communication, the memorability is much longer.

Logo and emblem are terms that are often confused. While the logo contains the broader expressions and consists of symbols, the emblem only includes symbols.

Logo Design Process and Characteristics of a Good Logo

LOGO DESIGN- Emblem TypesThe stages to be considered while designing a logo is as follows;

  • Determination of corporate identity. Before the logo design, the brand should express itself well, that is, it should reflect the identity clearly.
  • Knowing why the logo is needed and a good understanding of the brand's representation,
  • Capturing an inspiration during the development process, collecting and evaluating different opinions for this,
  • Finding the right font, right colors, right logotype and design style,
  • Adapting the logo to all segments in the digital field after the design is completed.

What are the Emblem Types?

An emblem, like a logo, emphasizes the identity of the brand, but does not have the characteristics of words, it is usually created with letters or real-life objects. It can be explained under 3 categories:

  • Emblems consisting of letters only
  • Emblems consisting of symbols only
  • Emblems in which letters and symbols are used together

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