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Patient Process

Patient process videos represent a comprehensive field that can include many stages from airport pick-up and patient admission to the post-operative recovery process. In health tourism, patient process videos are of great importance in terms of choosing the country and a particular clinic.

What is a Patient Process Video?

Patient process video is a type of media management that helps to eliminate the question marks in the minds of health tourists who want to receive health services in Turkey. Since the idea of ​​going to another country to be treated there can make people anxious, process videos offer an effective way of relaxation. The videos also vary, as the process itself consists of several stages.

Patient Process Video ContentPatient Process Video Content

Videos about the process directly answer questions such as "Is it easy to go to another country for surgery, which hospital should I go to, what are the advantages of being a health tourist". Of course, these videos are created based on patient approval and request.

Arrival in Turkey: The arrival of the person from the airport and the transfer process to the hotel where he will stay is determined.

Accommodation: Videos are shot that demonstrate the accommodation opportunities and the comfort standard.

Hospital / Clinic: Indoor and outdoor video shoots are taken showing that the environment where the operation will be performed is at a high level of comfort and hygiene. The patient's admission to the clinic can also be videotaped.

Surgery: The expert videographer team takes videos and photographs from the surgery at right angles and is in full compliance with hospital rules.

Control: During the bandage removal or the first general health control, the videos are taken and these show the post-operative development of the patient. If it is okay for the patient, an interview can be done before, during and / or after the medical operation.

Advantages of Patient Process Videos

Patients will get information about transportation, accommodation, hospitalization, and surgery stages. They can act more confidently and make decisions more easily. Basically, trust is established. The number of health tourists who want to come for a similar operation increases. Thanks to the sharing of video content on social media platforms, the awareness of the clinic and the doctor increases too.

Making its difference with all video production services, including Patient Process Videos, New Health Media helps you build trust in health tourism. To make your clinic one of the best, just contact us!


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