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Evaluation Platforms


Media evaluation platforms are extremely important in order to control social media traffic and take essential actions. Measurement with social media tools, analysis, and tracking data makes it both possible and easier to develop performance and improvement methods.

What is Social Media Measurement and Analysis?

Social media, which represents one of the channels that have the power to dominate the trends in digital media, is improved with media evaluation tools. Measurement and analytics help to evaluate both productivity tracking and platform performance. Review sites such as Realself, Trustpilot, and Whatcliniq are one step ahead in this regard.

How Should Media Evaluation Platforms Be Managed and Controlled?



The evaluation process covers a certain hierarchical process and requires the effective use of new generation tools and measurement platforms. In the social media evaluation phase, there are steps to monitor, measure, analyze and report. If we give  examples from the health sector;

During the monitoring phase, a special area is created based on the hospital, doctor, and clinic goals. The aim is to collect data and make quality assessments.

During the measurement phase, the context between the data collected in the monitoring section and the goals of hospitals and clinics is determined and they are digitized.

Analysis, on the other hand, includes the evaluation of numerical data by hospitals and clinics. Social media experts determine the success and inadequacy of the posts. Thus, new strategies are developed.

The reporting phase is the reporting of the data and feedback obtained during the monitoring, measurement, and analysis phases to the relevant clinic and hospital.

What are Feedback Platforms?

Feedback is an important part that enables the institution to interact and communicate with internet users. Continuing from the example of the health sector, people can ask the doctors about the medical subjects they are curious about and communicate with them directly if there is a message they want to convey. In addition, reliable solutions can be obtained in a short time for possible problems, and satisfaction measurement and analysis can be done more quickly and easily. The management of social media and alternative channels in the health sector has an impact on real patient opinions and feedback.

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