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Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital media is the sale of products and services by making advertisements through websites, search engines, mobile applications, and social media channels, following the undeniable strengthening of the internet today.

Digital Marketing , AdvertisementsImportance of Digital Marketing

Now, it can be easily seen that every place that the internet and electronic devices can reach is considered an advertising field, and strategies are developed for this. With the help of these strategies, marketing experts can identify their target audiences more easily, reach them faster, and implement the best digital plan they will use to reach them.

One of the most important aspects is that the advertising data can be seen and evaluated clearly. It is the shortest way to reach potential customers, running parallel to statistics.

What are the Advantages of Digital Marketing?

The methods used in the marketing world are endless. Each new path can be considered unique compared to the other, and its effects will then differ from each other. The new strategies that are developing day by day are actually mostly produced from the digital marketing tools that are already used.

  • Cost Advantage

While printed publications and professional advertisements require a lot of budgets (equipment, technical arrangement, and manpower), this is not the case with the field of digital.

  • Advantages of Time and Progression

In traditional marketing methods, your ads are shown to your target audience in a certain time period and your target audience may miss your ad at that specific time. Progression is a hard thing to achieve. In the digital field, advertisements are always on the air.

  • Interaction and Communication Advantage

In traditional marketing methods, a cooperative connection cannot be established between the advertisement and the potential customer, that is, it is one-sided and it is impossible to know the reactions given when the advertisement is reached. Thanks to the interaction opportunity of social media channels in digital marketing, an instant reaction and comment can be obtained.

  • Productivity Analysis Advantage

Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is measurable in a tangible way. It is possible to reach the number of reviews and clicks and thus analyze.

  • Advantages of Reaching the Target Audience

It can be known to whom the advertisements produced in digital marketing will be shown. In this way, it is much easier to reach people who are genuinely interested in the product or service.

If you want to use all the relevant instruments effectively and capture your target audience in the field of Digital Marketing, we are at your side as the New Health Media. Contact us.

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What is Meta Ads?

Meta-advertising; It is the name of a hybrid model in which advertisers do advertisement for ads. In this context, advertisers try to highlight any of their products with the advertisement they create, it is a form of viral advertising.

Advertising in Social Networks; It is a definition that covers online advertising and marketing techniques that focus on social media. Advertising on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram has a very important place and dimention in recent years.

Facebook is currently the most crowded social media platform in the world, with more than 1 billion members from almost all age groups. Facebook Ads stands out as a reliable option in the field of advertising and marketing. In order to advertise on Facebook, it is necessary to follow a few steps and the first step is accessing the Facebook Business page.

Meta Advertising - Facebook BusinessDifferent advertising options exist too. Some of them are;

  • Highlighting Posts,
  • Attracting Customers to the Website,
  • Increasing Website Traffic,
  • Downloading Mobile Applications,
  • Increasing Application Interactions,
  • Getting Video Views.


In addition, while advertising on Facebook, it is extremely important to use the Power Editor they have built for detailed advertising, to pay attention to retargeting and segmentation, and to use Conversion Pixel to measure ad conversions.

Facebook Lead Form, on the other hand, is a tool that allows potential customers to proceed entirely through Facebook instead of going to a service-providing website via Facebook. It is especially useful for companies whose websites do not have sufficient speed so that they do not lose their potential customers. To use it, it is necessary to access the business page through the Business Manager. These forms can be designed here, questions can be added, and a referral can be made to the Privacy Policy required to obtain a sales permit.

Thanks to the Business Manager, it is possible for more than one person to access their advertising account, thus providing multiple access and management opportunities. It is possible to follow pages such as Instagram, Facebook, catalogs from the same field, and to take action on multiple panels specific to Facebook and Instagram, and to see and easily manage budgets and expenditures.

In order to keep up with the times, meet the experienced social media team of New Health Media as soon as possible and take advantage of our support.

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is simply to encourage your visitors, potential customers, to take action during the time they spend on your website. It is to ensure that the site traffic you are trying to increase organically or by paying a fee continues with maximum efficiency. Many channels, including media organizations, e-commerce websites, tourism agencies, and advertising agencies, know the importance of this and use conversion rate optimization.

 The term called Conversion Rate is the ratio of the total number of people who visit a website at that moment (for example, 100) to the number of people who make active sales or are seen as potential (for example, 5). So in this case, the rate is 5%.

Conversion rate optimization


Each visitor can purchase, register, download, make an appointment, add to cart, etc. transactions called "conversion" during the time he/she spends on your website. The goal here is to make the underlying intention of any action part of the predefined plan, that is, to turn an ordinary, passive visitor into an active and valuable customer. Preventing the visitor from leaving the product in his/her shopping cart before completing the purchase on an e-commerce site can be given as an example.

Thanks to the Conversion Rate Optimization analysis, the SEO research you perform (search engine optimization), the requests to be shown at the top of the search engines, in short, all the work done to increase your site traffic will pay off, and it will also allow you to reduce the effort and cost for digital marketing.

It is widely known that Conversion Rate Optimization is beneficial for companies operating with a B2C (Business to Customer) business model, but as a result of conversions to be made through CR, a company operating with a B2B model may also be able to earn more.


This whole process consists of several steps. These steps can be listed as follows:

  1. A pre-study period that includes tests, analyses and hypotheses to be established in order to decide what the conversion will include.
  2. After identifying what is needed, making a plan for high-productiveness testability.
  3. A/B testing, in other words a comparative research tool that measures user experience, to see if your process is efficient or not.
  4. After making and completing the tests, analyzing them in detail, and if there is a deficiency or problem in the hypotheses, returning to the beginning and repeating the process.

If you also want to gain effective website traffic, we are here to share our experiences as the New Health Media family.

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When it comes to effective digital campaign management, there is a need for a comprehensive plan that targets people who have visited a website before and visited it for the first time. There is also a need for a multi-legged plan with an awareness of what kind of content each social media channel comes to the fore and when considered in this direction, with a broad perspective.

Creating mottos that can mobilize targeted users, and getting information about competitors in the field also directly affect campaign management in a good way.

Digital Campaign ManagementRemarketing

Remarketing specifically targets the customers who come to the website and leave without making a purchase, and it encourages them to come back to the same website and buy your services after they visited different digital platforms. It also includes selling complementary goods or complementary services related to that product to users who have previously purchased one of the services and are satisfied.

CRM and Its Stages

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), in short, is an application that aims to present the promotions and campaigns of the company effectively to the right user group with the right tools and is based on the real priorities of the users. CRM consists of planning, management and analysis phases.

Areas such as sales and service, and user feedback, which have been contacted by the user so far, are valued.

Conversion-Focused Campaigns

In addition to being involved in remarketing, company recognition can also be built using visual network campaigns. In particular, doing negative keyword work beforehand and targeting content with these keywords will make the campaign conversion-oriented.

Factors That May Increase Costs

The high budgets that arise with the existence of all different components such as the marketing team, digital agency, and creative agency that need to work according to the plan are among the problems that can be encountered in planned campaign management. At this point, it is necessary to determine the priorities well and to get efficiency from each component that contributes to the product.

If you want to get to know systems such as CRM, as well as established methods such as remarketing, and if you want to have a strong campaign for your brand, as the New Health Media team, we are here to share our experience with you.

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Google ADS, formerly known as Google AdWords, is an advertising tool that ensures that advertisements can be published almost anywhere that can be accessed through this search engine. It cannot be ignored that the value of an advertisement, no matter how much change it contains, is equally protected in the rapidly globalizing and digitizing world.

Campaigns and Ad Types of Google ADS

Google ADs step forward among its counterparts, because it is more preferred. It includes types and campaigns such as search ads, shopping, remarketing, YouTube, Bumper, and outstream ads.

GOOGLE ADS-New Health MediaQuality Score Model

Google ADS also has its own quality scoring model. It covers the evaluation of your ad and landing page as a result of web searches made by visitors, in a ranking from 1 to 10 from low to high. In this rating, keywords with low scores affect the frequency of ads and therefore they are shown less.

Google ADS Dynamics in the Health Sector

As in other large-scale sectors that center direct human needs, there are some restrictions and mandatory rules that Google administers in accordance with its principles in the health sector. Knowing these well ensures that the profit to be received from the advertisement is high. Within the scope of the health sector, plastic surgery, hair transplant centers, beauty salons, hospitals, medical products for the disabled, and food supplements can be counted.

It is not allowed to be included in the landing pages, ad texts or keyword preferences of websites containing pharmaceutical terms.

Creating and Using Data Studio Content

Today, it is possible to collect data from many channels within digital marketing or you can collect them simply as an entrepreneur. Data Studio, part of Google Analytics, is one of them. In short, it creates a single interface using different data sources and enables reporting. It is very easy to integrate with other Google products (such as Google Sheets, Big Query) and it is also possible to include external sources while reporting. In addition, thanks to 3rd party apps, the data of advertisements on social media platforms can be added to the content.

If you want to be informed and create an efficient advertising network, especially on Google ADS, and all other Google components, as the New Health Media team, we are at your side to support you.

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What is DV360?

Display and Video 360, formerly known as "Doubleclick Bid Manager", is an ad management tool. It is one of the new actors of digital advertising. It is among the Demand Side Platform tools and is one of the elements of programmatic advertising. This tool was developed and came into use by Google Marketing Platform.

DV360, which agencies have recently started to use in Turkey. It is supported by Google's artificial intelligence and provides the inclusion of many parameters and measurements into the equation, from all kinds of reactions of the users to the information about the place where they live.

Programmatic DV360 AdvertisingWhat is Programmatic Advertising?

Today, nearly 80% of digital advertising embodies programmatic advertisements. The concept briefly refers to purchasing an automated ad space instead of the methods used in conventional digital advertising. It uses data to ensure that ads are affordable and reach the right person at the right time. When the old methods were used, it was not known how many of the users who clicked on a website were actually targeted, and therefore it was inevitable to spend extra budget. In other words, it can be said that algorithms have replaced humans in these calculations and targeting. It also saves extra time for other operations to be performed, such as optimization.

Programmatic Terms

DSP (Demand-Side Platform) Demand-Side Platform:Software that uses demands created by advertisers. It is often referred to as DSP. Thanks to this software, advertisers can buy ad placements.

SSP (Supply-Side Platform) Supply Side Platform:In the old days of digital advertising, every publisher had to reach the advertiser and sell the ad space. This manual process was later automated with programmatic. The software that provides this possibility is SSP. Whoever makes the highest bid through the SSP, which can access the ad exchange, will be shown the ad.

Ad-Exchange:It is the name of the field where the trades of Demand-Side Platform and Supply-Side Platform are developed. It is also known as the Advertising Exchange.

RTB (Real-Time Bidding) Real-Time Pricing: Briefly, it can be mentioned as digital bidding for ad placements. It is performed in a petite time frame (milliseconds). Until a website page opens, the person who bids the highest on the ad space and meets the minimum conditions will be advertised there.

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