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Corporate Brand Identity


Corporate identity; It is a fact related to a company or institution's actions and attitudes, how it appears from the inside or outside, to gain credibility with its customers to the extent that it is professional, in short, with its image.

The Importance of Creating a Corporate Identity

How the brand appears to the sector it belongs to, to the customers it addresses, and indirectly to everyone will be decisive in making a difference, standing out or falling behind in competition conditions, and being remembered by the user.

Corporate Identity Building Stages and Things to Considerate

Creating Corporate IdentityThe corporate identity building process begins with the determination of the priorities of the brands/companies and the ordering of the works they will do. It is valuable to share the opinions of the employees and taking different opinions into consideration.

Determining the profiles of the targeted customers, how to communicate with them, how to market while reaching them, and how to attract them will be beneficial.

Examining the competitors in the sector; the processes they going through, their customer relations, and where they position themselves can be analyzed.

Being up to date in the search results with active use of social media and regular blog content will both benefit the visibility in the digital environment and provide the gaining of new customers.

Creating Corporate Identity

In addition to the products and the services provided, all other elements such as logos, signatures, website designs, mission, and vision are also important in the construction of corporate identity.

Logo design is one of the main elements that make up the face of the brand. As mentioned above; simple, flashy, or more corporate logo preferences can be made in line with the recognition of the target audience and the vision of the brand.

Each color means different messages, has different associations, and color selection is among the elements that most directly reflect the brand to the outside, in line with the brand's goals.

The typefaces and fonts on the websites and in the images will also show the signs of a more modern or more corporate structure when viewed from the outside.

Along with these, the website should have a design that will show the visual world of the brand, including the content produced on social media channels, integrated. In order to get this, a template should be chosen that will be used continuously in all of the content.

We know the importance of professional visibility and prestige, as New Health Media, we look forward to helping you with the guidance of our experiences on this path.


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