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It is necessary to be a Health Tourism Atoder to take part in Health Tourism, deal with patients from abroad, and run global advertising campaigns.

Health tourism incentives are very important for institutions that aim to attract patients from abroad, such as hair transplant centers, in vitro fertilization (IVF) centers, oral and dental health clinics, physical therapy centers, and plastic surgery clinics. In this way, expenses for large items such as customer acquisition costs can be significantly reduced. To benefit from these incentives, it is necessary to get a Health Tourism Authorization Certificate.

Services within the Scope of Certification

Health Tourism Authorization CertificateInstitutions that have a certificate of authorization can receive the following incentives;

  • Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Supports (Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram; newspapers, magazines, catalogs, etc.)
  • Registration and Protection Support: (Brand Registration Support) Non-refundable grant given by the Ministry to 50% of the "Trademark Registration" application costs made by companies abroad for the protection of their trademarks.
  • Foreign Office Rental Support: (Pre-Diagnostic Center etc.) 4-year non-refundable grant given by the Ministry to 60% of the rents of offices abroad
  • Consulting Support
  • Agency Commission Support (Intermediaries' Commissions)
  • Consultancy Support for Foreign Company Acquisition: Non-refundable grant given by the Ministry to 60% of the costs of consultancy services for a foreign company acquisition.
  • Support for Participation in Seminars, Congresses, Fairs, and Festivals Abroad: Economy class round-trip expenses of up to 2 representatives, together with the participation expenses of the events attended
  • Documentation Support (Quality Analysis Documents): With the documents required when entering a foreign market; the ministry provides a non-refundable grant for 50% of the expenses of all necessary documents, related licenses, and permits in areas such as quality, hygiene, and environment.
  • Translation Services Support: 50% of the monthly gross wages of a maximum of 2 translators employed in the country and a maximum of 25,000 USD per staff per year.
  • Travel Support for Patient
  • VAT Exemption
  • Corporate Tax Exemption

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