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What is Branding?

Branding has an important place in the medium and long-term development of institutions since brands represent the main actors of competition today. Visuals come before quality in products and services, so it is evident that the factors in the creation/production process of these visuals have a great impact. Products or services come to the forefront with their design, name, and logo before functionality, and are connected with the user through the brand. In this way, all institutions, large and small, can express their difference, that is, companies have the chance to highlight their own brands and appeal to their customers through a special channel.

Branding Strategies

We can explain branding strategies in a few steps:

Social Media-Logo-Seo-BrandingFinding an effective brand name: This can be called the stage where the first contact with the customer is established. A catchy, easy-to-pronounce name should be preferred.

Logo: Since it is aimed to appeal to the visual perception, it is important to choose a modern, simple, and easy-to-remember logo.

Motto: An expression that is as short as possible and reflects the identity of the brand will be very effective when considered together with the name and logo.

Corporate identity: When talking about the character of a brand, the first thing to mention is a representation and target audience selection. You should have a dynamic brand character that attracts a high level of attention, has the characteristics of the mass average, and has the effect of motivating the masses.

Determining the Target Audience: At this stage, which is also called segmentation, factors such as behavioral characteristics, geographical features, and demographic structure are taken into account and separated into certain groups while selecting the customers, that is, the target audience. By conducting field research, the correct orientation of the brand is ensured.

Social Media: It is important to create traffic that includes organic shares, considering the time users spend on these channels. Because it contains many different forms of advertising. Effective use of social media will contribute to both customer profile recognition and brand promotion.

Creating Brand Value: While doing this research, it is necessary to underline the features that make the brand different in the competitive field and to offer some services to the customers that are not offered by the competitors. Features such as problem-solving approaches, social projects, and packaging preferences can be counted among them.

SEO Works: As a result of keyword research based on products and services, it is necessary to capture organic site traffic and pay attention to search engine compatibility. In this way, you will have a valuable website.

As the New Health Media team, which knows the importance of the brand and has experienced what needs to be done on the way to branding, we would like to support you in this direction. You can contact us.

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What is Brand Consulting?

A brand's vision is to have a good and strategic plan in order to be able to walk firmly in line with its goals and to increase its value day by day. The terms "Brand Consultancy" and "Brand Consultant" as its implementer come into play at this point. In today's digital world, it seems that starting and progressing with conventional methods is not as effective as before.

Why is Brand Consulting Important?

Brand consultancy not only makes the institution visible, but also plays an important role in determining its own audience, analyzing its current or potential competitors in its sector, revealing the deficiencies, raising the service standard through the advertisements it prepares, and trend-following.

Brand Consulting ImportantGenerally, there are two types of counseling. A brand consultant may master in marketing departments or specialize in communications. As in almost the whole of the identity formation process, a choice should be made considering the aims of the institution and the path it will take.

The consultant thoroughly examines the structure of the institution he/she will guide, its value, and services in the target area. This review is also about how effective the designed logo and advertisements are. It is in coordination with the agencies and ensures that the advertisements appeal to all senses and create works that are completely oriented to the perception of the customer. The language used in all published messages and the promises made in the expressions used are also very important and it is necessary to gain the trust of the consumer in order to protect and increase the reputation.

Benefits of Brand Consulting

In the continuation of the process described above, the consultant also examines the customers in the target audience and listens to their feedback. It really develops ways to reach this audience. It can encourage the organization to have a customer-oriented approach. If this is not the case, it tries to build a bridge with the help of the data it has, namely the feedback it receives from consumers.

If you want to create a new brand that has integrated itself into the digital age, we are at your side as the New Health Media team, which knows very well the importance of the brand and the supporting elements in its establishment.

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Corporate identity; It is a fact related to a company or institution's actions and attitudes, how it appears from the inside or outside, to gain credibility with its customers to the extent that it is professional, in short, with its image.

The Importance of Creating a Corporate Identity

How the brand appears to the sector it belongs to, to the customers it addresses, and indirectly to everyone will be decisive in making a difference, standing out or falling behind in competition conditions, and being remembered by the user.

Corporate Identity Building Stages and Things to Considerate

Creating Corporate IdentityThe corporate identity building process begins with the determination of the priorities of the brands/companies and the ordering of the works they will do. It is valuable to share the opinions of the employees and taking different opinions into consideration.

Determining the profiles of the targeted customers, how to communicate with them, how to market while reaching them, and how to attract them will be beneficial.

Examining the competitors in the sector; the processes they going through, their customer relations, and where they position themselves can be analyzed.

Being up to date in the search results with active use of social media and regular blog content will both benefit the visibility in the digital environment and provide the gaining of new customers.

Creating Corporate Identity

In addition to the products and the services provided, all other elements such as logos, signatures, website designs, mission, and vision are also important in the construction of corporate identity.

Logo design is one of the main elements that make up the face of the brand. As mentioned above; simple, flashy, or more corporate logo preferences can be made in line with the recognition of the target audience and the vision of the brand.

Each color means different messages, has different associations, and color selection is among the elements that most directly reflect the brand to the outside, in line with the brand's goals.

The typefaces and fonts on the websites and in the images will also show the signs of a more modern or more corporate structure when viewed from the outside.

Along with these, the website should have a design that will show the visual world of the brand, including the content produced on social media channels, integrated. In order to get this, a template should be chosen that will be used continuously in all of the content.

We know the importance of professional visibility and prestige, as New Health Media, we look forward to helping you with the guidance of our experiences on this path.

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In the process of creating a brand, the logo reflects a kind of identity of the product or institution it belongs to and is a signature. Generally, the combination of two or more typographic characters into a meaningful word and the combination of symbols used together is called a logo. This is considered one of the first and most important cornerstones of corporate identity formation. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the subject meticulously, especially in the name of image and awareness.

It is possible to tell many ways and means for the brand to reach the target audience. Among them, the fastest and shortest way is the logo. Although the duration of the impact is not longer than the other written content used for communication, the memorability is much longer.

Logo and emblem are terms that are often confused. While the logo contains the broader expressions and consists of symbols, the emblem only includes symbols.

Logo Design Process and Characteristics of a Good Logo

LOGO DESIGN- Emblem TypesThe stages to be considered while designing a logo is as follows;

  • Determination of corporate identity. Before the logo design, the brand should express itself well, that is, it should reflect the identity clearly.
  • Knowing why the logo is needed and a good understanding of the brand's representation,
  • Capturing an inspiration during the development process, collecting and evaluating different opinions for this,
  • Finding the right font, right colors, right logotype and design style,
  • Adapting the logo to all segments in the digital field after the design is completed.

What are the Emblem Types?

An emblem, like a logo, emphasizes the identity of the brand, but does not have the characteristics of words, it is usually created with letters or real-life objects. It can be explained under 3 categories:

  • Emblems consisting of letters only
  • Emblems consisting of symbols only
  • Emblems in which letters and symbols are used together

Reinforcing its long years of experience in digital marketing and advertising with its expertise in the health sector, New Health Media is waiting to serve you with its experienced Art team, which will play an important role in the representation of your brand.


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