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Who is Emre Recep Beşkardeş?

Actually, I have been in digital advertising since 1998. I have worked in the digital department of many traditional agencies and I established their digital departments. I undertook the management of many digital advertising agencies such as brand and project design. Before administration, I was creating websites. In fact, I can say that I come up through the ranks of this job.

In 2013, I formed a partnership with a foreign company. Specific to comparing Turkish points of view and other countries' points of view, this company contributed a lot to me. I learned a lot about the differences between Turkey and abroad.

If an opinion should be shared on any subject, it has a price and it is called consultancy. This service must be billed. However, we also know that in Turkey without showing or telling something you can not get anything, so this partnership did not last long and we decided to terminate it. 

I was involved in many start-up projects, some of them were volunteer works. When we handled these projects, to give an example, there was a "Loyalty Program" that we were planning to do for Cevahir. we were facing the 2008 crisis, as you know it was a global crisis. So, our project was also affected and it was canceled. This project has helped me a lot. However, I can say that I have created about 50 "Loyalty Programs".

In 2015, when I was at the stage of leaving the partnership of the agency, I saw the gap in the health sector and started to give consultancy. Then I decided to found an agency.

My biggest motivation when establishing New Health Media was that people were trying to do something but didn't know what to do. I established the New Health Media 360° Digital Health Agency in accordance with the request of many doctors to build their own websites and advertisements.

While we were providing consultancy at first, the process inevitably pushed us to become an agency after a point. However, I also love to interfere in works that are not my responsibility because I think that only one element is not enough for something to achieve a result, and also it is not enough to be just a digital agency.

This agency should also be able to provide consultancy for sales and marketing. The agency needed to be able to train the sales and marketing teams, however, the production became prominent a lot. Here, it was really necessary to be able to produce something like a production company. So, I established this staffing.

In our 8th year, we provide service in the sector in full 360° scale. We established our digital agency in 2015 and while we were a team of only 6 people in 2016, we are currently serving the sector with a team of 28 people. While initially providing services only to doctors, now we provide also hospitals, holdings, health tourism companies and intermediary institutions. We continue to grow together with the sector.

Even during the pandemic, we grew with a rapid acceleration. If we didn't have a pandemic, we would be in much different position. However, we prefer to work with our customers for a long time. You know that mental fatigue can occur between clients and agencies. You may run out of ideas. The client and the agency can get used to each other a lot. In order to eliminate this, we constantly add new products to our structure and offer continuous innovations to our customers. In this way, we continue to work with the same customers for many years.


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