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The importance of branching in health tourism

Many of the companies that come to us, when we ask "in which branches do you want to provide services", return with answers such as plastic surgery and hair transplantation. When it comes to plastic surgery, we can talk about 100 or more branches. When we talk about hair transplantation, this is an issue that many competent companies have involved intensively. That's why you need to branch out first.


In which branches can we provide the best service?

We need to focus very well on this question. Many companies work with plastic surgeons. When we ask for results from plastic surgeons, they cannot show us any results. If you cannot show a result, it is not possible for us to obtain the patient in that branch. In order for us to sell services to the patient, we must be able to show them truly effective results. This again reveals the importance of branching.


Hair Transplant

Turkey is well placed in this sense. But there are so many options. If you don't focus only here, if you don't produce something that will make a difference here, there is no point to involve in the hair transplantation field.

However, branches of plastic surgery such as nose, chin, BBL, and breast surgeries will be more accurate for you. Dentistry is the right market in this sense. It is up to you to manage it correctly.

  • Which countries are our competitors?
  • From which countries can we obtain forms at optimum costs?
  • Which branches can we attract patients more?

The answers to all these questions are different experiences behind. If you work with an agency that has no experience with these, it will come back to you just as a cost. In fact, we can say that they will have experienced and learned with the help of your budget.

For this reason, we will first categorize the branches that we manage best and create a marketing strategy for them. That's why it's so important to branch out.


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