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The game was released on November 18, 2009 in North America, November 19 in Europe and November 22 in Australia and New Zealand. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock is the first game in the series to not have Guitar Hero II as a prequel. Guitar Hero III is the first game in the series to be exclusive to the PlayStation 3. The game's story revolves around an alien race known as the Quint, who are attempting to conquer the universe. The Quint kidnaps several Earth musicians, including the Legend of Rock's protagonist, and subjects them to their own form of mind-control. The player then uses the game's guitar controller to battle them and send the Quint back to their home planet. As with Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II, Guitar Hero III does not have songs available for download, instead relying on songs which can be unlocked through gameplay. Additionally, the Legend of Rock has a "Story Mode" similar to the Rock Band series. This mode contains more than 40 songs that have to be unlocked through gameplay. Gameplay The game is a first-person perspective video game, and features the same controls and camera angles as the other Guitar Hero games. The main difference is that in the Legend of Rock, the guitar controller serves not only as a physical controller, but also as a form of telemetry to track how far the guitar player's hands are away from the controller. The red bar in the middle of the controller will shrink when the guitar player is holding the controller firmly, and will grow when the player's hands are not near the controller. When the controller reaches the middle, the player can no longer play and must stop to finish the song, preventing distractions. Also, the player's hands can become "sizzling" after a few seconds of playing, which makes it harder to play and may cause the player to lose a hit. If the player is playing the guitar solo, the guitar will also sizzle when it reaches the red bar. If the player's hands are too close to the guitar controller when the red bar reaches the middle, the player will be unable to play or even hear the song, which can force the player to quit, unless the song is completed with another control method. The Legend of Rock also features several new gameplay modes and features, including "Street Pass", a feature similar to Guitar Hero and Rock Band where the player can perform a song by playing on their own, or sing with other people. The game also features five guitar controllers, with each




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