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Video Production


Video production consists of a very wide process, it includes every stage of video production. With competence, technical efficiency, and creativity, the quality of video content reaches the highest levels. But, how is video production completed?

What is Video Production and How Is It Done?

Videos are among the most sought-after content by consumers. It is a fact that videos are searched first to find information. That's why the importance of video production has also increased. In addition, the demand for video is also increasing. Although the process looks complicated from the outside, quality results can be achieved in a short time with a professional video production team.

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Video Production Stages

Pre Production: It is also known as pre-shooting and it consists of the preliminary preparations required for video shoots. At this stage, the planning that should be done before the video shoot is completed. Time for video shooting, location, equipment to be used, script or subject, and budgeting are planned at this stage.

Production: It refers to the stage in which pre-production items such as shooting plan, scenario, etc. turn into production. Raw footage is obtained.

Post Production: It is the editing stage. Raw footage is edited 

and a meaningful visual composition is created. Editing is completed according to the type of video content and the desired effect, Thus, the filming process is completed.


What are the Types of the Production?

Production types vary. It is possible to count many sub-categories, including motion pictures, commercial films, infographic promotional films, and TV movies. It should not be forgotten that being pro at creative editing and developing a good video sharing strategy is as important as a professional shoot. Production services enable to reach wider audiences, help to create quality visuals, and enable to convey the brand vision and mission to potential customers in the best way.

To take advantage of professional video production services, you can choose New Health Media, which has been in the digital advertising and marketing industry for more than 20 years. Contact us to seize the chance to move forward with experts, new generation technical equipment, and disciplined working logic!

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Patient process videos represent a comprehensive field that can include many stages from airport pick-up and patient admission to the post-operative recovery process. In health tourism, patient process videos are of great importance in terms of choosing the country and a particular clinic.

What is a Patient Process Video?

Patient process video is a type of media management that helps to eliminate the question marks in the minds of health tourists who want to receive health services in Turkey. Since the idea of ​​going to another country to be treated there can make people anxious, process videos offer an effective way of relaxation. The videos also vary, as the process itself consists of several stages.

Patient Process Video ContentPatient Process Video Content

Videos about the process directly answer questions such as "Is it easy to go to another country for surgery, which hospital should I go to, what are the advantages of being a health tourist". Of course, these videos are created based on patient approval and request.

Arrival in Turkey: The arrival of the person from the airport and the transfer process to the hotel where he will stay is determined.

Accommodation: Videos are shot that demonstrate the accommodation opportunities and the comfort standard.

Hospital / Clinic: Indoor and outdoor video shoots are taken showing that the environment where the operation will be performed is at a high level of comfort and hygiene. The patient's admission to the clinic can also be videotaped.

Surgery: The expert videographer team takes videos and photographs from the surgery at right angles and is in full compliance with hospital rules.

Control: During the bandage removal or the first general health control, the videos are taken and these show the post-operative development of the patient. If it is okay for the patient, an interview can be done before, during and / or after the medical operation.

Advantages of Patient Process Videos

Patients will get information about transportation, accommodation, hospitalization, and surgery stages. They can act more confidently and make decisions more easily. Basically, trust is established. The number of health tourists who want to come for a similar operation increases. Thanks to the sharing of video content on social media platforms, the awareness of the clinic and the doctor increases too.

Making its difference with all video production services, including Patient Process Videos, New Health Media helps you build trust in health tourism. To make your clinic one of the best, just contact us!

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Instagram Reels has become a well-known term for those who follow social media regularly. The fact that it is one of the platforms that dominate the trends has led institutions and organizations, including the health sector, to make professional investments in this field. But what are Instagram Reels?

What are Instagram Reels?

As a short answer to the question of "what are the reels", it can be called a platform that helps internet users to share various video content. This application, which allows adding videos of about 15 seconds on Instagram, is extremely effective in reaching large audiences. Although Instagram Reels was originally created as a competitor to Tiktok, its influence has become more intense due to its user database. The interest in the reels has led to the spread of this social media video content type. Questions such as what is the difference between Tiktok and reels or how to use Facebook reels are also very common.

Reels-Instagram-TrendHow to use Instagram Reels?

Anyone can create reels and upload them to their social media accounts from their mobile phone. However, when it comes to professionalism, variables such as video quality, shooting angle, lighting, sound, and frame size come into play. Whether the video is shot vertically or horizontally is an important determinant in terms of visual composition.

Original audio content can be used in videos or trending music can be embedded in the video. Adding popular music also means reaching people watching visual videos with audio content. Special-for-Reels visuals can be shot, Reels videos consisting of photographs/images can be collaged or sections from patient process videos, patient interviews, and clinical promotional videos can be uploaded as Reels.

What are the Advantages of the Reels?

Instagram Reels are easy-to-consume content videos and provide to engage with people. Embedding sound and visual effects to videos make the content more enjoyable for the audience. Moreover, Reels can be shared as a story and post.

Since the created reels show up in the “discover” area, it has a high potential to increase recognition and accessibility. For example, users who search content about hospitals, clinics, or doctors, will also see related content reels from different user accounts.

As New Health Media, which provides health tourism advertising services, we create your Reels in the best way with our expert social media and videographer staff. We plan technical processes such as video recording and photo shooting, and we produce the desired content with the help of these. We make it "catchy" with a creative point of view and regularly share them on social media accounts.

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The surgical process represents one of the subjects that patients are most curious about. The aim of the surgery video shoots is to provide information about the medical operations that the patient wants to know and to promote the doctor, hospital, and clinic.

Which Medical Operations are Videotaped?

Video shooting can be made for almost any surgical procedure, provided that sterile conditions are maximized. The video shooting team should have surgical gloves, surgical caps, and surgical gowns and these must be complete. The videographer team takes videos and images from the patient's pre-operative, operative and post-operative processes. Of course, all this takes place with the consent of the patient and the doctor. The images obtained are shared on the social media accounts of the clinics properly.

Surgery Operatıon VideosWhat are the Benefits of Shooting Surgery Videos?

  • Thanks to the surgery shots, the name of the relevant clinic and doctor reach more people. Thus They gain a competitive advantage,
  • Those who wonder how the process is done will obtain information,
  • Thanks to the patient's before and after the operation visuals, the patient can observe how the process will work,
  • The environment of the clinic, the sensitivity and competence of the doctors direct the patient who wants to have surgery to the relevant surgeon and clinic.
  • Social media visibility, number of followers, and interaction rate of the clinic increase.

The Importance of Recording the Operation Process on Video

Making collage video edits that is describing the operation process gives confidence. When it comes to health, the amount of people being cautious is increasing too. How the surgical procedures are performed and how the doctor and health workers manage the process are observed with patient operation videos. One of the main points of filming the operation process is to reach more people with visual content. Therefore, the answer to the question of whether it would be sufficient to share the operation process as a video on Youtube can be explained as "it may not be enough". In order to appeal to all audiences of different masses, a share plan should be done through social media channels.

Turkey's first and sector-leading health agency, New Health Media, stands with all clinics and doctors with its experience in surgical video shoots. You can contact us to get information about our professional pre-operation and post-operation video shooting services.

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It would not be wrong to say that before and after contents of the patients are now irreplaceable in the health sector in general and in health tourism in particular. Analyzes of questions in search engines also prove this situation. Real patient videos and photos are one of the most remarkable items on the social media accounts of the clinics.

What are Before-After-Patient Videos?

Before-after visual contents, which especially act as evidence in cosmetic procedures, are designs that show the differences between the patient's pre-operative and post-operative condition. For example, when we talk about before-after hair transplantation, we obtain the patient's before and after hair transplant photographs. That means the contents can be produced in video and photo formats.

Before and After TreatmentHow to Create Before-After Operation Visuals?

First of all, the current state of the patient before the operation is recorded from different angles. During the bandage removal phase, the shots are taken from the same angles. Media contents are mostly taken during the pre-/post-operative examination periods. If the patient approves or requests, an interview can also be made. During patient interviews, pre-operative expectations, thoughts, and experiences about the clinic are shared. Post-operative patient interview videos, on the other hand, focus on how the health tourist feels after the surgery, what happened during the surgery, and what the aftercare opportunities are.

Editing Post-Surgery Visuals for Sharing

The captured videos are then edited by the post-production team. Recommended visual adjustments are made. According to which social media platform they will be shared, editing techniques may change. For example, different editing methods can be needed for Youtube and for Instagram. The content of Reels or Story on Instagram may differ. If necessary, captions are taken from high-definition videos. In addition to video recording, photos can be taken.

It's Easy to Attain Quality with New Health Media!

In addition to mastering the technical necessities for shooting and editing, it is extremely important to design creatives before and after and share them on social media platforms as scheduled. By choosing the New Health Media, you can have opportunities such as having high-quality videos and impressive real patient videos and sharing them on social media.

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Informative doctor and clinic videos are one of the most important factors in patient engagement rate. Although the process varies between patients, doctors, and hospitals, the main purpose of informative videos is to reach the relevant audience correctly.

Types of Informative Videos in the Health Sector

On the basis of health sector advertising, videos of the medical operations are recorded and photos are shot. These include the following stages:

  • Pre-operation,
  • Operation,
  • Post-operation

The created content is shared on various social media channels. Informative videos, alternatively or in addition, are interview-like content where doctors answer the most frequently asked questions. The doctors are asked 1 or 2 specific questions and they briefly answer these questions. This process is videotaped, edited and shared on social media accounts.

INFORMATIVE VIDEOSWhat are the Advantages of Informative Videos?

Videos that are produced to explain a certain subject reach more directly to users who search for the relevant subject on the Internet. Professional shots and effective explanations make patients trust the doctor and clinic. Thanks to social media interactions, patients can ask questions about the related subject, the content of the website is enriched, and a kind of impression is created that cares about people so individuals trust the doctor. All this allows you to reach your potential patients and gain an advantage in the competitive field.

Informative Video Sharing Channels

Questions for the doctor and answers from the doctor" contents or short informative narratives are shared on social media platforms. For example, informative video series can be made on Instagram or Youtube. You can also promote the post with reels and stories. Related videos can also be added to the Website. In-general videos, patient process videos, before-after patient photographs, blog texts and informative videos together increase both visibility and organic traffic.

When it comes to health tourism and health sector advertising, you can contact New Health Media, which is one of the first agencies that come to mind, and you can reach the data you target in a short time.

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Patient opinions are irreplaceable for clinics, hospitals, and doctors. Operating in accordance with the principle of satisfaction affects the recognition and it is also effective in individuals' decisions to hospitals and doctors. Social media, which is the most important pillar of digital interaction, is a great advantage in terms of sharing patient opinions and ensuring that these shares reach other people.

Why is Patient Feedback Important?

The Importance of Patient FeedbackThe answer to the question of "what is the importance of patient opinions" is comprehensive. First of all, it should be emphasized that it is important in terms of establish a trusting relationship between the patient and the doctor. The patient who has already undergone the operation gives ideas about hospital conditions, the doctor's competence, the process, and the comfort to people who want to have a similar procedure.

The fact that the patient gives both the "expertise of the doctor and the quality of the hospital conditions" the thumbs-up is effective in the number of potential patients. For example, the patient who is pleased with the treatment of the doctor will recommend the same doctor to his/her relatives. However, it should be added that the process no longer works only with this kind of reference. Social media has become the leading tool for delivering patient opinions to large masses, and one of the major methods is the videos that are conveying the patient's thoughts.

Patient Feedback Sharing Platforms

Patient opinions and comments can be found on the website, as well as on Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. While the impact of messages and comments from patients who have already undergone surgery is undeniable, it is important to note that opinion videos that are shared directly by clinics and hospitals from their own social media accounts are on the rise.

Process of Patient Videos: Pre- and post-operative processes can be determined while taking a patient view video.

Pre-operative patient videos: The patient tells about the facilities of the clinic, hygiene, quality of the appointment, and the overall attitude of the healthcare professionals.

Post-operative patient videos: The patient expresses her thoughts on how the procedure goes after the surgery, comfort in the care process, etc.

These video contents, which are completed in line with the patient's request or approval, are shared on the relevant social media channels. Patients who are curious about the subject and want to have a similar operation have the chance to listen to the process firsthand.

As New Health Media, one of the leading institutions that realize the importance of patient videos and make this process more professional, we offer our video production services to you. You can contact us to get comprehensive information about video shooting.

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The promotional video defines the video content produced for companies to share on various media platforms. These videos, also known as promotional films or promotional videos, are mainly produced to promote the mission, vision, products, and services, although they do not focus on advertising, they are an important vein that contributes to gaining recognition.

What is a Promotional Video?

Questions such as how to make a promotional video, what is it, or what is included in the promotional video are among the most common ones about this type of content. The main purpose is to reach new users/followers. In this respect, a good promotional video has the advantage of attracting qualified followers. It should be added that promotional films are also important for the satisfaction and permanence of existing followers.

Promotional Video-treatment VideoWhat Should Be Considered While Shooting a Promotional Film?

Promotional content varies according to the target audience and industry. For example, health tourism promotional videos will be different from the video ads of the tourism industry. What kind of treatments the clinic does, which audience it appeals to, and what kind of perception it wants to create have a determining effect.

In which media channels the captured videos will be shared is also effective on the process. For example, Facebook promotional videos and Instagram Reels for promoting hospitals may differ from each other in terms of duration, visual size, audio content, etc.

The Right Direction for Health Tourism Promotional Films: New Health Media

It is important that you plan the process professionally, as promotional videos have an impact on the visibility and preferableness of your clinic. Video duration, rhetoric, frame and audio quality, creativity, success in conveying your brand vision, and many other factors should form the skeleton of these videos. Therefore, it is essential to have a good understanding of both pre-shooting, filming, and post-shooting stages and social media sharing requirements. Otherwise, the promotional film may remain a bad investment.

Having full knowledge of the answers to questions such as "What is a promotional film, how to produce a good promotional video, how should video content be shared", New Health Media invites you to administer these processes together. If you want to manifest your difference in the health sector, stand out from your competitors and leave a remarkable impression, you can contact us.

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The interview footage is an important part of patient process videos. Although the concept of interviews presents different types, the main goal in health tourism advertising is the same: To gain trust!

How to Do a Patient Interview?

Before answering the question of how to make an interview, it is necessary to start by answering the question of what is an "interview with a patient". In terms of health tourism, this means that the patient's operation process is explained by the patient. Health tourism videos include various processes from picking up the patient at the airport to the post-operative recovery stage. Interviews are also part of this process. After the talented videographer team completes the technical necessities such as camera, light, location, and sound, the patient's thoughts and experiences are listened to and recorded. Raw visuals are edited and then the content is shared on social media platforms.

Patient Interview- ReportScope of patient interviews:

  • Airport pick-up,
  • Getting you to your destination,
  • Accommodation,
  • Hospital and clinic environment,
  • Communication with the doctor,
  • Surgery,
  • Post-operative process.

Subjects that can be talked to with the patient may vary. The consent of the patient is essential for all video, audio and photographic recordings.

What is the Aim of Patient Interviews?

Video interviews typically help to explain the effect of the process on the patient and to guide people who may experience similar experiences. In this way, the concerns of people who will have the same operation about accommodation or post-operative care are eliminated. Sharing content on social media also has multiple benefits:

  • Confidence in the medical operations, hospitals, doctors, and health tourism in general increases,
  • It encourages people through empathy between patients,
  • The prestige of the hospital/clinic increases,
  • The name of the doctor/clinic is gained recognition,


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