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The promotional video defines the video content produced for companies to share on various media platforms. These videos, also known as promotional films or promotional videos, are mainly produced to promote the mission, vision, products, and services, although they do not focus on advertising, they are an important vein that contributes to gaining recognition.

What is a Promotional Video?

Questions such as how to make a promotional video, what is it, or what is included in the promotional video are among the most common ones about this type of content. The main purpose is to reach new users/followers. In this respect, a good promotional video has the advantage of attracting qualified followers. It should be added that promotional films are also important for the satisfaction and permanence of existing followers.

Promotional Video-treatment VideoWhat Should Be Considered While Shooting a Promotional Film?

Promotional content varies according to the target audience and industry. For example, health tourism promotional videos will be different from the video ads of the tourism industry. What kind of treatments the clinic does, which audience it appeals to, and what kind of perception it wants to create have a determining effect.

In which media channels the captured videos will be shared is also effective on the process. For example, Facebook promotional videos and Instagram Reels for promoting hospitals may differ from each other in terms of duration, visual size, audio content, etc.

The Right Direction for Health Tourism Promotional Films: New Health Media

It is important that you plan the process professionally, as promotional videos have an impact on the visibility and preferableness of your clinic. Video duration, rhetoric, frame and audio quality, creativity, success in conveying your brand vision, and many other factors should form the skeleton of these videos. Therefore, it is essential to have a good understanding of both pre-shooting, filming, and post-shooting stages and social media sharing requirements. Otherwise, the promotional film may remain a bad investment.

Having full knowledge of the answers to questions such as "What is a promotional film, how to produce a good promotional video, how should video content be shared", New Health Media invites you to administer these processes together. If you want to manifest your difference in the health sector, stand out from your competitors and leave a remarkable impression, you can contact us.


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