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Patient Opinion

Patient opinions are irreplaceable for clinics, hospitals, and doctors. Operating in accordance with the principle of satisfaction affects the recognition and it is also effective in individuals' decisions to hospitals and doctors. Social media, which is the most important pillar of digital interaction, is a great advantage in terms of sharing patient opinions and ensuring that these shares reach other people.

Why is Patient Feedback Important?

The Importance of Patient FeedbackThe answer to the question of "what is the importance of patient opinions" is comprehensive. First of all, it should be emphasized that it is important in terms of establish a trusting relationship between the patient and the doctor. The patient who has already undergone the operation gives ideas about hospital conditions, the doctor's competence, the process, and the comfort to people who want to have a similar procedure.

The fact that the patient gives both the "expertise of the doctor and the quality of the hospital conditions" the thumbs-up is effective in the number of potential patients. For example, the patient who is pleased with the treatment of the doctor will recommend the same doctor to his/her relatives. However, it should be added that the process no longer works only with this kind of reference. Social media has become the leading tool for delivering patient opinions to large masses, and one of the major methods is the videos that are conveying the patient's thoughts.

Patient Feedback Sharing Platforms

Patient opinions and comments can be found on the website, as well as on Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. While the impact of messages and comments from patients who have already undergone surgery is undeniable, it is important to note that opinion videos that are shared directly by clinics and hospitals from their own social media accounts are on the rise.

Process of Patient Videos: Pre- and post-operative processes can be determined while taking a patient view video.

Pre-operative patient videos: The patient tells about the facilities of the clinic, hygiene, quality of the appointment, and the overall attitude of the healthcare professionals.

Post-operative patient videos: The patient expresses her thoughts on how the procedure goes after the surgery, comfort in the care process, etc.

These video contents, which are completed in line with the patient's request or approval, are shared on the relevant social media channels. Patients who are curious about the subject and want to have a similar operation have the chance to listen to the process firsthand.

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