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Turkey's first 360° Digital Health Agency

For many people, working in the health vertical was a risk when they started New Health Media. However, I realized that there was a huge deficit in the industry. During this period, I took examples from my past business life because I have been in digital advertising since the early 2000s.

Digital agencies were in the conventional agencies in the first place. The concept of 'digital agency' emerged later. I always believe that specialization brings success. For this reason, I founded New Health Media in 2015 as the first digital agency of health. We currently have a team of 30 people. We can manage all stages from website software to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), from social media management to digital marketing, and from video production to CRM from a single point.

Specializing in health has given us many different benefits. All our friends as a team; have mastered many uses of digital such as advertising, social media videos, and CRM. Our teammates learned about health with us. We have become a digital agency that provides services in health and fills this 360 degrees.

Currently, almost all of our customers are health tourism companies.

We pave the way for them to reach the patients and bring the patients here until the last point. We are with them in this process by helping companies that want to do health tourism.

It should not be forgotten that health tourism depends on an organization. First of all, you should be willing and ready to do health tourism. Believe me, money has a very small place in this.

Because, first of all, the question 'Do you have authorized staff and teams to do health tourism?' comes to the forefront. Then you need to choose a digital advertising agency that can show your work to the right audience. The fact that this digital advertising agency is competent in health tourism will also provide you with a consultancy. Because it is not enough to say that we have only produced the content and reached the right audience.

At the same time, we need to be able to observe at what point health tourism can be done. For this reason, working with an experienced agent will give you an advantage. Otherwise, we can say that the agencies will gain experience with your budget. In addition, we need to meet the audience we address with as happy patient visuals and videos as possible.

Because everyone has come to prefer clinics as a result of experience. Remember that there are many clinics, many consulting organizations, and many hospitals. Each of them wants to do health tourism and everyone claims to be doing their best. Those who reflect this most accurately are one step ahead.

The biggest benefit of working with New Health Media while doing health tourism is experience. We do not gain experience with your budgets. We pass on our own experiences to you. This allows you to achieve the success you will achieve in a very short time. Another important element is that each of our personnel has separate expertise in health.

When we produce content, first of all, our social media department and digital advertising department produce the demand for this content, then transfer it to the video team. The video team is preparing this content. Subsequently, while processing these contents, our teams produce these contents together by being in elbow contact, that is, no content is produced on the orders of completely unrelated teams.

Each of these completes a whole in the health vertical and we can say that it is up to you to reap the fruits of this success.


What are Turkey's Strengths in Health Tourism?

The common answer that everyone will give to this question is the price advantage. But the price is not a single element.

We have really good physicians and quality service. We have a lot of options and alternatives. We can send patients to their countries with the results they will be satisfied with. However, yes, the price advantage is of great importance.

Our state support all the treatments. When we evaluate it in parallel, Turkey is a rising star in health. It is up to us to unleash this potential of Turkey.


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