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The Importance Of Digital Advertising In Health Tourism. Google Ads Or Meta Ads?

We would like to talk about a situation that we encounter very often. Potential customers come to us with negative experiences and they say that they definitely do not want Google and Meta ads. They only provide an approach to the work by saying "let's collect leads from Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram".

We should especially forget the problems here. Because we mentioned that the way to be successful is to be visible in every medium. For this reason, Google and Instagram ads are indispensable. For example, if we target Russia, not using Yandex should be out of the question. We can not achieve the success we aim for thus.


  • We should handle the advertisements in all channels separately,
  • We should produce separate strategies,
  • We have to make separate interpretations.

When we optimize these strategies, our success will be inevitable.


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