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What is SEO, How to Do it


We are here again with a legendary topic: SEO…

What makes SEO a legend is that it is irreplaceable and everyone in different professionalism has something to say about SEO.

Combination of the initials of the words Search Engine Optimization, SEO refers to the studies performed to make your website content appear on the first page in search engines. It is a long journey consisting of many different stages, including deciding the name of SEO, establishing a website, producing your content according to planning, and marketing the content.


What is the Working Principle of SEO?

To understand how SEO works, we first need to understand how search engines (actually Google) work. Google defines its algorithm as “The answer to the question you want to find, not trillions of web pages”. The first condition to be successful in SEO is to master algorithms and learn this system.

Google constantly makes changes to these algorithms to increase user pleasure. Some of these changes are important and require action. Others are smaller updates. For example, the Google brand has made over 600 various updates in 2020. Website administrators should follow these changes and make the necessary responses. Remember that websites are not a printed-book or a magazine and constantly demand attention.

Google (search engines) prioritizes enjoyable, up-to-date, and issueless sites for users. It warns us to build sites that maximize user satisfaction instead of sites that are suitable only for SEO. Of course, it gives your website a place in the ranking, but it does this according to some criteria. Some of these are: The link structure of the website; how clean the SEO coding is; whether there are broken links or not; the quality of the web site's design and whether it is user-friendly or not. I guess we don't need to say that it is a necessity for the website to be mobile compatible.


Why is SEO Important?

Having an SEO-compatible website ensures that no work and expenditure you do in the digital world is wasted. Of course, by advertising, you can make your website stand out. However, don't forget that as soon as you stop the ads, your company and your website will be invisible on the internet. If you have such a point of view, we can say that you will not need a website to advertise.

We use SEO to get your website where you want it in targeted keywords and organic searches and to ensure that your audience reaches you. If you want your advertising expenses to get you to certain levels in organic searches, you must do SEO. The impact of SEO on brand awareness and brand quality is undeniable.


How to Do SEO?

No success in SEO is accidental. Each one is the result of a planned study. As in any business, trusting the experts is a necessity to get good results. Sustainability is the first rule of getting results while doing search engine optimization. The website you created for reaching your target rankings,

For the website that you have created accordance with the needs to reach your target rankings, you need to execute the plans without delay. It will take time to reach the identified goals but doing the work right will be evident from day one. Just like a baby learning to walk, this work is gradual and takes time.

The expert carries out some work both On-Page and Off-Page while doing SEO. These studies, which should be compatible with search engines, emerge as a result of a planning.


What is On-Page SEO?

The first target in on-site SEO is to prepare a website where users will enjoy surfing, find what they are looking for easily, and access easily from any platform. A user who spends time and finds what they are looking for on your website is a plus for your brand.


On-site SEO studies;

• A web interface that follows the trends,

• A clean SEO coding infrastructure,

• Titles describing the content,

Meta descriptions,

• Images, each of them optimized and named correctly,

• Original content prepared for your website.

It is also distinctive for a website to be mobile-friendly. Analyzes show that nearly 90% of users use websites on mobile. It is very important that your website is optimized according to these requirements.


What is Off-Page SEO?

 After on-site SEO studies, Off-page SEO is another important issue that we need to deal with. Social media links of your web pages, backlinks from different sites, mentions from forums and external links are off-page optimizations. 

While doing off-page SEO work, you shouldn't do aggressive management If you have not completed your on-page optimizations and if you cannot keep the visitors coming to your website, the off-site work you will do can lower you even further. These two practices must be in harmony.


How to Write SEO Compatible Content? Why is Content ımportant?

In addition to all these efforts, if you want users to stay on your website and if you want them to spend time on your site, you must have original content.

Users want to access as much information as possible while doing research on a topic. Therefore, the content you produce should be comprehensive, useful, and relevant to your main topic (!) In terms of your content's quality, it is very important that you must research before creating the content.

Creating original content, choosing the right keywords, citing different content on your website will not only make it easier for you to be found in internet searches, but also will allow users to spend longer time on your website. To prevent users' boredom and increase the quality, richen the content you have produced with relevant videos and images.

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