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What is Customer Segmentation in CRM and How to Do it

Customer segmentation is to divide your current, old or potential customers into groups (in other words, segments) according to various criteria that are functional to you. These criteria may be demographic variables such as gender, age range, city, country or may be economically profitable factors for you. You can divide your customers into segments with criteria such as: Which products and services are customers interested in? Through which channels do they reach you? When was the last time they contacted you / how often do they contact you? How often do they shop from you? How many times do they open your campaign mails? For what reason did they stop shopping from you?

These segments are like tags and if a customer involves in a segment, doesn’t mean they are excluded from another segment, nor does this situation prevent them from being added to another segment. You can also filter the union and intersection sets of these segments as needed. Thus, you can use your advertising costs more efficiently by sharing your ad with a much more specific audience.

However, it is important to identify the channels through which your customers reach you and to segment them according to this criterion, or to observe the interaction between the channels they reach you and their level of activity. This will also provide you with priceless information on which platforms you should invest less in advertising and which you should invest more in ads.

Customer segmentation is an essential part of managing customer relations professionally. However, to do this, you must remember that the first thing to do is to set up the process correctly. The CRM application will give you the tools you need. The HubSpot CRM application, which we offer consulting service, contains all the necessary tools to realize the significant customer segments that you have created before and to use them in digital marketing activities.

As New Health Media, with over 5 years of experience, we are ready to help you with how to segment your customers.

CRM is essential for more effective and more accurate marketing management.


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