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What does CRM application bring to your company

The biggest advantage that CRM brings to your company is communication management. Thanks to a professional CRM application, from a single channel, you can manage the requests reaching your company through multiple communication channels, and you can communicate with patient candidates (regardless of which communication channel they use) on the same screen.

Did a potential patient fill out a form on your site? Did he email you? Or sent a message directly from Facebook or WhatsApp? It doesn't matter to you. They will all be on the same screen chronologically. While you respond to your patient candidate from that screen, the candidates will receive this response from the communication channel they use.

Let's say the patient candidate sent you a message via WhatsApp and received a response. Then your employee who answered him left the job, and the same patient candidate sent a message on Facebook a few days later. Because the other employee will also see the previous WhatsApp conversation, he can continue the communication from where he left off with this employee. Thus, it will be as if the patient candidate is always communicating with the same person.

Afterward, when you send various campaign e-mails to these patient candidates, you will be able to see how they interact with them thanks to CRM. So, you will be able to identify the patient candidates who are most interested in your products and who are most likely to receive service from you much more easily.

A patient candidate may have never looked at a campaign e-mail, while another patient may have looked at it 7 times. Being able to observe this makes it much easier to understand who is more ready to purchase services from you. All this information is just a few of the possibilities that a professional CRM application like HubSpot CRM can provide you.

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