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The Importance of Using CRM in the Health Sector

As in every sector, customer relationship management is necessary for the health sector. If you work in this field and use social media, you should definitely create various campaigns from all your social media accounts.

As a matter of fact, you should use CRM applications to stock the responses of your patient candidates to your campaigns correctly, to create the campaigns for them at the right time, and to turn this interest into sales.

From the moment we install HubSpot CRM in your clinic, we start training your employees. Your employees learn how to communicate with prospective patients and how to use the system. Afterward, the patient candidates are segmented according to the information gathered from the patient candidates and these candidates are included in the campaign groups according to their interests.

At the end of the first month, we start e-mail marketing to the patients we differentiate with the mail templates which are designed in the HubSpot CRM application. We bring them together with campaigns that appeal to their interests.

Again, With CRM, it is very easy to follow up and report the questions “How did your employees communicate with which patient candidates, at what hours, how did they do the tasks assigned to them, how did the communication with the patient candidates affect the probability of the process turning into sales?"

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management is indeed the management of interaction between you and your current and former customers and potential customers. More simply, CRM is the systematic storage and functional use of all interaction information you have with your customers.

Hubspot CRM

With the Hubspot CRM application that we consult, you can view all the actions of your customers in one place and group them according to their interests. In this way, you can ensure that the campaigns you create later reach the right people, and you can increase the conversions of your customer data turning into sales significantly.

Customer actions

Thanks to Hubspot CRM, it is possible for your customers to open e-mails delivered from you, download any attached file, view or click on the campaigns you have shared on social media, visit your website or contact you on social media. Top all, you can see all of them over a single page. In this way, you can view all the actions of your customers who have interacted with you through different channels at the same time and communicate with them more accurately.


With Hubspot CRM, multiple employees who have communicated with your customers through different social media channels can view the previous communication process and continue the communication from where they left off. In this way, you will strengthen your corporate image, transform the personal information of your employees into corporate information and reduce your company's dependence on people in customer relationship management.

Employee management

When a customer's satisfaction decreases for any reason, it will be easier than before to analyze all interactions between that person and your company and to determine which employee or process will have an impact on this. 

Campaign production

One of the most important advantages of CRM applications is campaign management. You can group your customers according to their interests or the date or frequency of their interaction with you. In this way, you will ensure that the campaigns you promote reach the relevant people directly, and you wouldn't bother and miss your other customers with advertisements that are not relevant to them.

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