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How can we reach more patients in health tourism?

Everyone's goal in the health tourism field is to increase the number of incoming patients. If we want to sum it up in one word, we can call it "visibility". Reaching more patients means being visible in every field. 

The patient should be able to reach you from any platform and contact you at any moment. The most important thing is being able to listen to the patient. After that, let's say the patient saw you at some platform and contacted you, you should know how to have that patient in your hand.


What Does It Mean to "Have the Patient in Hand"?

When we cannot make sales of any services to the patient, even if we cannot contact that patient, we should examine the data. We need to look for ways to communicate using data. When you can reach the patient is another important point. You can't always contact everyone. You need to be able to determine these times correctly.

Another important factor is to remember that the job is to actually sell services and market them to the patient. Before meeting with the patient, you should check the patient a little on the internet. Being able to find out the characteristics of the patient, what she/he likes, and what kind of style she/he has, and adding them into your conversations will become decisive as one of the elements that highlight your sales and marketing.

  • The way to increase the number of patients is to never see a patient just as a patient.
  • I want to give an example.

One of our customers brings an unhappy patient back to Turkey for revision. Then sends the patient back without any charge from him including transfer, accommodation, and treatment in this. The patient sends 2 relatives to Turkey as a result of his happy return. 

In short, if we satisfy the patient, that is, when we do not see a patient just as a patient, the number of our patients will definitely increase.


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